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What is pain?? by: sAbA_

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Once many people organized a meeting, the topic was what is pain. Everyone was free to give their opinion.
First a doctor came and said, \"Pain arises due to muscle strain\".
The poet came and said, \"Pain is the feeling that gives rise to poetry\".
A lover said \"pain is caused by separation of girlfriend\".
A blogger said, \"Write the article diligently and it hurts if you do not get a comment\".
One thinker said, \"Pain is what we feel when there is no pleasure\".
One actor said, \"Dard is what happens on the first week of the flop\".
One student said, \"Pain is due to failure in examination\".
The drunkard said, \"Pain is what happens when the bottle is broken\".
One programmer said, \"Pain is when a beautiful girl wants to join my project and the project manager refuses\".
One woman said, \"Pain hurts when my neighbor buys the same sari by paying me less money\".
Now everyone was explaining the pain differently, when many hours passed, our tau was no longer there. He raised his stick and started playing, when everyone shouted, Tau said now understand the pain or tell me again. We did not understand everything. Tau said, \"As long as there is no pain, then how will we know, when the rash is there, everyone knows how the pain is\".

05 06 20 - 07:37:57


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What is pain?? : Recent Comments

- satvabhav

u expect and invite pain..why to invite? u r happy without anything..u r peaceful,

16 06 20-09:19:06


Pain reminds its time too take care of that perticular part. Wt ever its physical/Mental/phycological if you care at time u can mannege other whise turn in wond and khud ke liye aur sociity dono ke liye khatara ban jaata hai

12 06 20-10:48:48

- samyasamya

Its short of Pain is.....
Nice blog dear .. according to me getting so much pain i have forgotten the meaning of PAIN IS

07 06 20-23:27:08

- Prince_abhi

Bat to bilkul sahi he Tasha Tasha sabki bhi sahi insan aajkal khud k alag alag hi dard rehte or wo log unpe HI depends hoti jaisa kam hota waise hi sock rehti

06 06 20-11:47:07

- swadhika

Nice blog dear .. according to me getting so much pain i have forgotten the meaning of PAIN.

06 06 20-10:45:00

- Ali_

kaya bat h ji aap to likhti bhi hain keep it up so nice dear (pat)

06 06 20-01:24:28


Nice saba..Bahut ache ..Acha likha good

05 06 20-22:20:40


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