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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide: A Forewarning For Mental Infirmity by: AmY_-

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We have already lost a shining star and beautiful person *Sushant Singh Rajput*! But what more dismaying is, only after losing someone treasurable, we started recognizing the significance of good mental health.

The 34-year-old actor’s suicide has sent shockwaves across the world, including Bollywood, Sport, and beyond, glinting urgent calls for depression, anxiety, and mental disorder to be taken way more intently than before.

In a tragic twist, in Chhichhore, Sushant’s last screen appearance in Bollywood; we saw him portraying the role of an inspiring father who salvaged hope and life-force in his teenage son after he attempted suicide by jumping off the balcony.

Mr. Rajput s unbelievable death is surely a wake-up call for the entire world about the ruthlessness of mental illness and depression. It is an event, illustrating a secreted deathtrap; where most of us are getting entombed slowly.

We all, at some point in time, feel depressed. And undoubtedly, most of us find it very difficult to talk about our mental health issues; because we are living in a society, where the lack of thoughtfulness about it is discernible.

Endless taboos are surrounding the topic concerning mental illness and depression. The discussions about mental wellness, anxiety attacks, and depression in our country are miles away from where it should be in a progressive year like 2020.

Mental health today really-really needs to be more highlighted our families and surrounding rather than being off-limits and the prevalent avowal; #There Is Nothing Like Depression, Just Sleep & Everything Will Be Fine# should not be used to normalize the circumstances.

From household quarrels to domestic violence among women, from exam pressure for students to teenage love failures; from economic causes to traumatic way of life; our mental wellness can be hampered by many causes or sometimes #No Causes# as well.

In most countries, depression holds accountable for nearly 80~ percent of suicide cases, and needless to say, it is a real-like-of frightening figure for the world. Just like physical ailments, we need to take professional help for our mental illness too.

There is no humiliation in taking medicine to deal with your depression and anxiety. Recovery from mental illness is a complete journey, not just a destination. Bad phases will come, but with proper handlings, we can win back the life-threatening lows easily.

16 06 20 - 08:05:21


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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide: A Forewarning For Mental Infirmity : Recent Comments

- AmY_-

Mishka nd queen, thank you for your kind words! Yeah, surely he\'ll be missed always! Bollywood lost a star, undoubtedly!

05 08 20-09:49:38

- QueenOfHisheart

Heart felt condolence to the talented and the ever smiling actor Late Sushant Singh. He was an inspiration to many actors who hail from small places to fulfill their big dreams. I am really sad and heartbroken to see my fav actor no more in this world. I would not be able to see his new movies again. It was tragic and so I pray to God for peace and harmony. May his soul moves to heavenly paradise. Rest in peace the cute star.

05 08 20-00:09:24

- FLaWs0mE

I might not be right in saying this, but truth may not be what is portrayed or speculated .. what many believes in that Sushant singh rajput was going through a tough phase of depression.. but its not true... at one point of time we all get depressed but we do not commit suicide... Dont forget that this is the same film industry where the murder of Shri Devi was also called an accident... Anyway.. hope you get my point.. Nice blog though..keep it up!

23 06 20-19:03:03

- AmY_-

Thank you ghosty for your comment! It\'s true that media is highlighting the wrong points for gaining trp only.

18 06 20-16:13:02

- Ghoststar

My deep condolences for this tragic incident.
We all have undergone or many of us are undergoing such huge mental pressure. But commiting suicide can\'t be the solution.
Whatever the biggest challenges we face, whatever the biggest problems we face, but there is always a solution. And solution comes with time.
Most importantly we have to keep our patience. We have to learn to love ourselves, we need to give respect to our dreams that we see.
And most importantly we all should remember, I am not only the person in this world who has pain. Even many people are living with 1000 times more pain than me.
When we are in this world and we are living creatures then of course we have to struggle and get back what we want.
This is not applicable for only HUMAN.
in jungle, once a lion gets wounded that time no deer comes to that lion and tells \'Ohh Mr Lion, You Are Wounded So Please Take Me Up And Be Happy And Fill Your Stomach\'
Lion has to fight for his food even though he is wounded.
This is the life!!!!
Yeah sometimes we all feel depressed, we all feel alone, we all feel to leave this world. This feelings might have come to everyone life\'s one or other time.
But that time we only need to find the solution. We only need to get the way how to release our pressure.
And last thing that I would like to add, I am stunt after seeing How our so called media channel is promoting this just for their TRP!!!
The more they show this, the more depressed people who are running through a bad time, they will easily get attracted with the negativity and they will find the suicide is the only solution.
So my request all the responsible medias and mates here, please promote what extraordinary things he has done, rather than highlighting his suicide.

16 06 20-23:34:05


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