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Never loved anyone so much by: QueenOfHisheart

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Dear hubby
You are the best thing in my life after my parents. Your love let me forget my pain, healed my sorrows, forgot my past. You are the light of my life who brighten my day. Your voice is so heavy yet I love to listen. Your mood is so unstable yet you are always nice to me. You love your mom and dad more than me. But I know you cannot stay away from me. You are my soulmate and my companion. I never feel so protected ever in my life. You made me feel so special. I feel weak without you. U r my strength. I may fight with you but only for your love and attention. I care about ur health, money and family. I may not be able to live a happy life staying away from u. I have seen very much darkness in my life but I also have felt so much of love because of u. You r a great person. I will always cherish memories and time spent with u. We complete one year of togetherness this month and I want to live my entire life with u. I have not loved anyone more than u. Thank u for coming into my life and making me understand the real meaning of love.

28 07 20 - 12:50:09


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- friendlyboy

This is the beauty of our system of arranged marriage which proves stronger than any love marriage n bond keep increasing day by day. Nice lines about feelings of a newly wed girl (bride) which understands the reality of life. That\'s why we call it a bond of seven births...(thumbsup)

05 08 20-14:12:45


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