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Please find me sooner.. by: simplechick

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I\'ve always wanted you even if I
did\'nt know what I wanted, even before I knew you..
I know it was you.
You were the chapter that I did\'nt know the words to, but always knew it exist and when finally found it and began
to read I knew it was home..
and maybe I loved you in another life..
and I promised you that I would find you somewhere on the other side or maybe you\'ve always been on my subconcious..
Nudging me.. This way and pulling me that way.. Until I found you.
I don\'t know but I do know..
I\'ve felt you more than one life could allow..
Please on our next life..
Find me sooner so I can love you longer..

01 08 20 - 10:06:41


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- AIM-Locus

Best part of this blog was conclusion.. That portion \"FIND ME SOONER SO I CAN LOVE YOU LONGER\".. Kudos to this particular portion

06 08 20-09:57:28

+ kelly

Wow this is lovely sis. So (romantic) (heartbeat) looks like u really found that 1 amazing person. Lets hope he sees this

02 08 20-16:30:27


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