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COVID-19 & Its Assessed Impacts On Indian Economy by: AmY_-

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COVID-19 cases in India are getting ascetic, pushing the nation’s reckoning to more than 19 lakh cases and the death toll touching the high point of 40,699.Worldwide, above 18.7 million populaces have been found Covid-19 positive; with more than seven lakh deaths by this time.And needless to say, India’s economy has been badly hit by the coronavirus crisis.
India, standing among the most affected countries from the coronavirus pandemic; has been witnessing overpowering dimness on the country’s most economic activities and revenue streams.According to a report, published by the Ministry of Statistics, the country’s economic growth in the fourth quarter dribbled to 3.1percent; signifying several pre-existing economically breakdown risks to India’s budgetary outlook for the fiscal year 2020.
Count of unemployment shoots up from 6.7 percent to 26percent, in between 15th March and 19th April.During the lockdown, an estimated number of 140 million people have lost their occupations and salaries are being sliced to rest others.The country is estimated to lose above ₹32,000 cores every day since the first 21-days of complete lockdown, announced by the Indian Government.
Major conglomerates in India including L&T, UltraTech Cement, Bharat Forge, Aditya Birla Group, BHEL, Grasim Industries, and Tata Motors have kept their operations temporarily suspended or significantly reduced in some cases; which is directly affecting the revenue stream of India.Following the pandemic, stock markets in India also are recorded with their wickedest loses in history on 23rd March 2020.
In the near-term quarters of this fiscal year, India’s economic recovery trajectory is expected to be feeble as the nation is still careworn with the unstoppable knocks of Coronavirus pandemic.However, the packages announced by the Indian Government have been providing pint-sized paybacks in medium terms and several other strategic measures are predicted to hit the floor soon to lever this economic crisis of the country.

06 08 20 - 12:09:07


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COVID-19 & Its Assessed Impacts On Indian Economy : Recent Comments

- AmY_-

That\'s called pure politics, mirage! Bdw thanks for your comments!

07 08 20-01:18:36

- Mirage

Economical crisis !! In our country !! How ! When ! Where !
This is exactly always the reaction of our boloved political leader of the country.. (ras)
Talking about employment crisis ! What is that !!!
This is how our beloved political leader of the country will answer the question.. :p
And if our beloved political leader of the country is always showing that much confident strong attitude , then we should also have faith that we have nothing to be worried about..
After All
\"Sab Changa Si\" !!! :)

06 08 20-22:35:36


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