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Its time we win this battle by: kelly

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close the windows, lock the doors. I dont think i cant do this anymore (crycry) Have fate they say but when will good news come our way? :( Pain death it has come, witout words, witout a sound. Im cryin dont you see? I hope this is temporary. Its all closed, some are dead an gone, they lost the battle no longer here 2 feel the hot (sun) Dont giveup, thats what i say. Stand up fight an pray. After you have done all you can YOU JUST STAND. Yes you hurt, i feel it 2 but whats left for us 2 do? Stay an pray, i say STAY AN YOU PRAY. We still have things 2 do. No no your not done. Its time that we become one. Ready set GO. Come on brothers an sisters we will win this u know (fireworks)

26 08 20 - 08:10:26


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- Mirage

Yes.. It\'s the hope that\'s all that remain... We will overcome some day...

26 08 20-16:20:44


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