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D CLOSURE by: Que_Sera_Sera

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The most funny thing about Cl0*URE is that...
You are never SURE exactly when it will C0ME
Its one of those things that you intentionally search for...YET it usually COMES when you least EXPECT it.
It may feel like it is impossible to find one day but then there it is, THE VERY NEXT DAY :)
Appearing out of nowhere.
A sudden wave of comfort flows through your body and suddenly EVERYTHING seems to make sense...
THAT\'S WHY you have to remember that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and its coming for you...
TRUST that EVERYTHING is as it should be even if it doesnt make perfect sense right NOW
Also remember that Cl0SURE finds you simply in a way of moving forward....
Without all the ANSWERS
It will be just BEAUTIFUL ...

04 09 20 - 10:23:45


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- Mirage

Very true... Sometimes it feels more painfull than the real ending , just to close a chapter without a closer... Sometimes it never happenes exactly the way it supposed to be..
That is how it is... That is what life is all about..
Time does not wait..
Life never stops..

12 09 20-00:04:47


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