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Heartbreak by: MK__

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It felt like yesterday when I we confessed our love. So happy and joyous to lead a happy life, get married, have children and grow old together. We had ups and down, but somehow survived. You taught me things I never would\'ve known. I gave my everything just to bring a smile on your face. I tried to be there for you always when you needed me the most. But what happened to you when I was low? Too busy with friends? Didn\'t really care?
But I still wanted to live with you. And when everything was going well, you just decided, out of the blue, to stop seeing me. Shooting meaningless excuses just to be away from me.
But I still had hope that all of this was a big misunderstanding. I kept trying and trying and trying. First you stop talking to me, next you blocked my calls. You left me filled with anger. But somewhere I still had a hope that you\'ll be back.
But you just forgot. Never called, never asked how I was. Just blamed everything on me, said that I was immature. I apologized for mistakes I never made. Swalloed my self-respect, just to be in good terms with you.
But you stoped caring, never wanting to hear from me again.
When I couldn\'t take it anymore, I had a rat poison in my hand, and texted you that I wanna die.
And then you finally replied,\" I\'m not responsible for you.\"
Did you ever love me? Or was it just me. Alone in a relationship that meant nothing for you and everything for me.
I guess I\'ll never know.
It\'s a heart ache.
My heartbreak....

09 09 20 - 12:34:48


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- Mirage

No matter how much people will try to console you , no matter how many motivational words been said to you , you will feel everything is meaningless right now..
But also..
As time passes , time starts to heal too.. With time you will be able to realize whatever happened has happened for some reason.. Happened for the best..
If someone broke your heart , then be sure that they were always meant to be broke your heart..
And most importantly...
Never hurt yourself just to convince someone who does not want to realize ..

12 09 20-00:22:37

- fudgeee

stay strong shin (hug) always be jolly and happy, you deserve more :)

09 09 20-05:37:01

- NisHiKa

Stay strong buddy. Hope you sail through this pain and find someone worth loving.

09 09 20-03:37:03

- crazytipz01

There\'s always a lot of chances...I guess if she\'s not meant for u.. Perhaps there will be someone more better than ur past that was meant for u(love)
Just continue to love.. It\'s part of a relationship to have heartbreaks.. It\'s just a matter on how u deal with it(hearts)..
Life is beautiful.. And always remember that..

09 09 20-02:54:19


Ah mk this a sad story,may God heal Your Broken Heart and Fill It With Peace and Love,be Strong(hug)

09 09 20-00:58:19


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