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Learn the Most Important Skill by: MK__

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Hello readers,
Mk the greatest of the greatest of the great blogger brings you yet another enticing piece of writing that will bring a change in your life.(coolhero)
So, what is the most important skill in the world?
The answer is simple: Sleeping.(sleep)
We take our sleep for granted and end up being less productive.
The steps involved to learn this skill are mentioned below:-
1. Lie down on your bed. This is the toughest part of the learning process.(hehe)
2. Next, close your eyes.
3. Now imagine jumping sheeps and start counting.
4. You\'ll be asleep by the time you read this point.(ohoh)
That\'s it. I have taught you the most important skill to have. Now gimme 10k plusses as fee (hehehe)

13 09 20 - 08:59:58


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Learn the Most Important Skill : Recent Comments

- fudgeee

Hahaha Shin (ras) you\'re really one silly fellah! iMiszyouww! (tt)

14 09 20-01:24:27

+ Mirage

Nope ! (nah) You should have made it clear earlier ! Now it\'s not going to happen !! (nana)

14 09 20-00:23:07

- MK__

Jharna, you have to count sheeps, not direct a Nolan styled imaginative world. (ras) Ab fees nikal (comeon)

13 09 20-22:29:59


Achha... u r the master of this skill(khuni2)

13 09 20-21:15:02

+ Mirage

Your method is not working ! (smirk) When I start counting I become extreamly cautious so that I don\\\'t miss any sheep to count ! And thus I remain fully awake and alert during the whole process ! (damn2)
So forget about getting your fee ! (hittingpan)

13 09 20-21:02:58

+ AmY_-

Haa haa haaa (lol)
Such a creative writing. Loved it (bravo)

13 09 20-09:19:34


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