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How to Be Successful? by: MK__

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Here\'s another How to blog!
We all dream of being successful. But only a few of ur reach to that level. So today, the greatest of the great, Mk, is going to reveal the secrets of being successful. (explain)
Step 1. Think of what you want to do with your life. (Meaningful things, not some random crap anyone can pull off (huh))
Step 2. Think about all the bad things you have done. (Tip: Focus on the embarrassing ones (ohoh) )
Step 3. Now come to a realisation that you\'re already at the lowest point of your life. You can\'t get any lower. (Cause you\'re at the lowest point, remember (smirk)
Step 4. Now take you overconfidence, ego and status and throw it off your mind. (Because it\'s just trash you know (vomit))
Step 5. Now focus on what you want to do and take action now. Like right now. (But first write a good comment and rate the blog, engagement (hehehe))
Step 6. Don\'t plan your future, be successful one day at a time. (Bricks first, wall later (yeah))
Step 7. Donate MK__ lots of plusses for his invaluable tips and help. (Be generous, like extremely generous (pray))
Enjoy your success (cya)

14 09 20 - 05:09:15


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How to Be Successful? : Recent Comments

- AmY_-

Your blogs always leave me just nailed it! Keep writing more and more (claps)

15 09 20-00:33:22

- Mirage

Woww !! (clapclap) I truely agree with all of this suggestions !!
Just want to add one more here !
NO. 8.. Parctice more and more RC Smilies !! So many smilies failed !! (hehe)
And as I have donated far more valuable thing (Another Suggestion :p) than plussez , you should now thank me (proud) (ras)

14 09 20-17:22:27

- crazytipz01

Like I don\'t have any words to say(ras)
U nailed it!?? Hahahaa(ras)..
Ohh well.. We deal about the no. 7(hehehe)
Keep it goin MK(hehe)

14 09 20-13:05:30

- kittybelle

lol i will do that thanks cant wait to try it

14 09 20-07:10:47


Haha oh Wow mk(tup),thank You For Your wonderful Tips,if We Want To Be Somebody In Life,we Most let go of our past,and Drop pride,ego etc,to Embrace the reality of Life,by Runing with our Vision for A Successful future, (thanku)

14 09 20-05:58:24


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