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How to Impress Girls on RC? by: MK__

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Let\'s get straight to the point, shall we? :p
Rule no. 1: Save the cheese for the bread.
Cheesy pickup lines are outdated. Even the Joey\'s classic \"How you doin?\" So instead, try a simple icebreaker introduction.
Rule no 2: Stay honest, stay blessed.
Try to have a genuine conversation rather than just trying to impress the person. Share a funny story, interesting facts about you, or anything that you like talking about. (Also, get to know her story, it\'s always interesting (hehe))
Rule no. 3: To abuse is to lose.
Being aggressive, abusive, using foul language or forcing for dirty chat is a strict no. Respect is the foundation for friendship.( Although ocassional sarcasm won\'t hurt :p)
Rule no. 4: Patience gets you everything.
Don\'t be desperate, wait for replies and don\'t rush into anything. Be calm and composed, like still water.(But don\'t snooze off and ignore (haha))
Rule no. 5: Express rather than regret.
It\'s okay to express your feelings, your emotions about how you feel about her. Be caring and kind, and things would turn out to be good.(You should be fairly good with the usage of words though (ohoh))
Bonus Tip:
If things don\'t work, don\'t be all broken up. There\'s always someone on the internet, who\'d be interested in knowing more about you.(And there\'s nothing more interesting than a break up story for future conversations(hehe))
So, that\'s it. Make sure you rate this blog and leave a comment.
Good luck (cya)

14 09 20 - 10:08:15


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How to Impress Girls on RC? : Recent Comments

- MK__

Mirage, that means u\'ll still get those irritating messages from guys (ras)

25 09 20-19:30:00

- Mirage

(hmm0) Interesting !! I would like to see what guys would say about this in the comment section !! :p
Wait !! Not even a single guy has made any comment on this till date ! (huh)

23 09 20-19:46:40

- imusika

This is great! (: Honesty and interest to whom you are talking is all that matters whether its funny or serious convo as long as you are interested to know that person it goes well surely. You dont need to rush! (:

15 09 20-20:56:12

- kittybelle

i think this is a wonderful start people should read this i would be interested for sure lol

15 09 20-18:35:25


MK nicely said,true Be Told,honesty Many cannot Chat normal and Interesting chat,the Only Thing They Are Here For Is for Sex chat,i Mean Relationship cannot Be Based On Sex Chat,if You Dont buy their Ideas they Label And Tag You,being sweet,funny,full Of Joke share ideas together,even When You Add flirty talk sometimes it will Be Fun (yes),play games,chat About Other Wonderful things,your Day And All that,keeps The Relationship stronger,MK you Are Awesome nice blog,i Love It(thanku)

14 09 20-11:56:58


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