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How to Have Sex Chat on RC? by: MK__

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There has been a lot of confusion regarding sex chat in rc. Some people hate it, some are obsessed with it. But today I\'m going to show you how it\'s done. (yeah)
1. Don\'t get started right away:
If you think going straight at it is going to help, then you are wrong. Always start with a polite conversation. (Otherwise you\'ll end up in the ignore list(ohoh))
2. Don\'t be a Loser!
It is important to stay respectful. There\'s no need to abuse strangers just for the sake of your arousals.(Pro tip: Compliment works :p)
3. Consent! Consent! Consent!
Real or online, sex always comes with consent. Forcing yourself upon someone would just make you a certified idiot. (You\'ll be banned from here, trust me(nono))
4. Get Dirty, but in Good Faith!
Even after mutual agreement, it\'s your job to listen to the other person and not cross any lines. (Ignore list, remember? (hehe))
5. Don\'t ghost your Partner, once the fun gets over!
Ignoring your partner afterwards would make you a mean and tiny person. (Ego in the dumpster, friends (punish))
So these were the tips for healthy sex chat in RC. I don\'t indulge in this activity myself, so had to go through several heights to gather these tips.
Reward me with plusses generously (come-on)

27 09 20 - 07:03:57


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How to Have Sex Chat on RC? : Recent Comments

- MK__

I\'m just a monk spreading love and awareness (monk)

27 09 20-23:53:14


Oops.. u r d tharkiest person here..lmao... each n every rc users meet all kinda ppl here.. btn noce compilations

27 09 20-23:44:37

- kelly

I think this is the best blog I have ever seen here. MÄ· well done

27 09 20-22:24:07

- imusika

You forgot that they can request a room chat where they can chat freely , only if they have a lots of plusses (haha) (haha)

27 09 20-21:32:46

- Mirage

I am curious about those \"hights\" which helped you to make this blog !! (thinky)
The reward should go to those \"hights\" not you (hithit)
But jokes apart..
As of my personal opinion , I agree with all points except no. 1..
I think it\'s best that you should be straight forward from the beginning if you want just \"sex chat\" ...
Don\'t PRETEND to be \"polite\" or anything else , when your first and formost intention is to just having a good \"sex chat\"..
As per my personal opinion , ladies may forgive a devil who has the guts to show his devil face ..
They never forgive a devil who PRETEND to be an angel..
Being clear about your true intention may help you to save you from wasting time in the wrong place :p

27 09 20-19:52:16


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