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Hello everyone! (hi)
It\'s been fun hanging around here, meeting new people and making some good friends.
This place has given me so much and I\'ll cherish it forever.
But times are changing. I cannot be the same old person, I have to evolve.
Evolution is the only thing that keeps us alive. It\'s time to change and do things differently.
It\'s time to move on, and explore new experiences in life.
Always remember, happiness is only relevant when shared. Stay happy, share love.
Mk signing out (cya)

28 09 20 - 08:55:24


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+ Mirage

Yes.. Everybody needs to move on someday.. And to evolve (with a new nick or new ID may be (wink)) as well..
Accept whatever coming to your way sportingly..
Accept the changes in life for betterness..
Wish you best of luck (cya)

28 09 20-13:13:43


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