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Dalit Lives Matter by: INSURGENT

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The Western culture calls it racism, segregation or profiling. It is as if we were not already screwed enough by religious segregation, we had to introduce caste in it. Throughout the centuries, religions clashed and created a whole cesspool of their religious mess. 21st century, we call ourselves modern, and yet some people in the name of millennia old tradition and rituals have set their goals to drag us down for the sake of their egoistic superiority which is utterly laughable. Here\'s an event which is portrayed by my elder sister, while she was visiting one of her university friend\'s house; they arrived in the village via ferry and upon setting foot, her friend who happens to be a pastor in the village church removes his shoe, upon enquiry it is found that he was going to pass through the cross road where the upper caste people lived. Those same people would come to the Sunday mass and touch those very same naked feet for blessing. What if he does not remove his shoes? His locality will be burned, his family will be tortured, his sister assaulted, only to be visiting him on Sunday mass again and asking for blessings from him. Education; a very basic need of the citizen of the modern society as we allegedly call ourselves; denied. Social right; i.e. having a voice of your own amongst the crowd; denied.(Article 15, yes there\'s a movie oft he very same name, go watch it, you will see what the hell happens when you try to talk when you belong to a lower caste) Ok, let\'s forget the education and social right for 1 sec. You as a lower caste person, are not allowed to eat the same quality of rice the upper caste has for lunch on daily basis. What if they want to be equal? Well let\'s check UP news, that\'s what happens when in the 21st modern century when there is worldwide movement against racism and segregation and how lives matter; you want to be equal. We set a clear example of how backwards and unworthy of being called a human we are.

03 10 20 - 12:23:09


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It is always about the caste, and it always will be. No amount of education will eradicate this, it is stumbling block to the progress of the the country. Very soon India is going to go the way of being ruled by another nation by proxy. That day is not far off, the dye is set.Caste is one key issue which this government has completely broomed under the carpet. Development agendas are important but no way to end social divisions.

05 10 20-12:29:28

- Mirage

One more thing..
Blaming the Govt. For everything or just sitting idle and expecting that Judiciary will solve everything , is totally useless as per practical life..
It\'s US ONLY US , COMMON PEOPLE , who can change this situation..
It was US who let this happen for centuries.. It was US who let the political partys to get benifit of this situation..
It\'s US who never take stand when it comes to themselves..
Only some candle light protest or internate comment , won\'t change anything..
It was US who CREATED these MONSTERS..
Now it\'s OUR DUTY to ELIMINATE it..

03 10 20-14:34:15

- Mirage

The most unfortunate thing in all this mess is that , people are not even ready to admit that this problems still exist among us.. Even talking about such matters this days , considered as ANTI NATIONALISM .. Those who closed their eyes and keep on shouting \"Sab Changa Si\" in the name of so called Nationalism , DON\'T even Realize that , hiding the flaws , the problems within your Nation IS NOT NATIONALISM or PATRIOTIC at all..
Who have the guts to ACCEPT the WRONGS and really cares to make EFFORTS TO RECTIFY them , ARE the TRUE NATIONALIST , PATRIOTS only..

03 10 20-14:07:54


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