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We might be together one day by: SilenT_TearS

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Been so long without you (hug)
Did u ever miss me the way I did ???
I know I have been the person who did hurt u the most ,I deserved to b left alone.
Aftr so long aftr keep u close to ma heart ,I got a chance to see u again to sunshine my life.
I might been a bad guy but I dnt wanna lose u again.
I might have taken wrong decisions in past but I won\'t be fool again not this time to loose u again
We may or we may not not meet but one day we will be together.
I will be ash one day and so will you, may be thats the time we will be together.
Carried by the winds
I miss u (bhu)

26 11 20 - 06:52:24


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We might be together one day : Recent Comments

- tary

Omg that is the sweetest thing(smile)

27 11 20-18:12:10

- Lastcigarette

Too emotional bro, literally my tears are flowing.....

27 11 20-08:24:23


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