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I Love You So Much! by: AmY_-

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(bullet4) My life has become sweeter since the day I first met you. Your presence has made my days more beautiful & each moment more cherishing.
(bullet4) You taught me new meaning of patience, comfort, passion, and love through your caring attitude, attention to details towards me, and immense love.
(bullet4) Even when we fight and refuse to talk to each other, I still can sense the deep love and care you have for me in your heart and eyes - whether you express it or not.
(bullet4) Part of my love for you is few undeniable facts that I love you, I cherish you, and I wish to be the last woman standing for you. More than being your first love, I want to be your last Love.
(bullet4) I love you more than the ugly fights and misunderstandings we ever have. I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any hurdles and obstacle that might ever get in our way.

02 12 20 - 10:32:39


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I Love You So Much! : Recent Comments

+ AmY_-

@Ghoststar, You didn\'t know that??? (mad)

02 12 20-23:27:10

+ Ghoststar

@ Amy, Ohh so am i the lucky the guy you referred!! (love)

02 12 20-23:10:43

+ AmY_-

@lipsy.... He is none other than Ghoststar. I LOVE HIM (love)

02 12 20-22:50:32

- lipsy

AMY ! Ur blog nyc writtn by heart feelings.i dnt knw who dt spcl persn4dt u exprsd ur swt words.

02 12 20-19:21:45

+ AmY_-

@Ghoststar, You are eager to know who is the person? Well, then PM me:p May be I can share that secret with you:p

02 12 20-16:14:04

+ Ghoststar

Nice blog. It shows your feelings towards your love.
Hope you will get your love in your life.
Only a pure heart can express feelings like that.
I am eager to know who was in your mind while creating this Blog. He must be very closer to you.
And moon and back phrase.. I think...... :p
Nice blog. Keep writing.

02 12 20-15:16:37


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