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Stay with me by: SilenT_TearS

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What should I say ,
I know I can never repay for all the good things you do ,you done or u will do in future.
I know I\'m not the worth u gave me.
I want you happy today,tommrw,day aftr tommrw,day aftr aftr tommrw Nd forever.
I am sorry for all th things of past.
I will never let u go away ,
I will do my best to steal u away once for all .
I know u say LETS SEE TOMMRW ,WATS IN FUTURE WE DONT KNOW,I too don\'t know future but I know myslf I wont let u go away neverrr I will .
U take care of urslf else I\'m dere at ua back to push u :p
We need to live long together and see our life go together, snowfall together & eat lots of ice cream (bhu)
I miss u everyday every single moment .
(bighug) never go away neverrrrr.
I miss u (bhu)

09 12 20 - 09:33:30


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