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Being Lost, Being Found! by: AmY_-

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The Day Will Come. I Will Go Away & Never Come Back. My Smile Will Be Disappeared In The Air Like Bubbles & My Presence Will Be Diluted Like Salt In Water. My Existence Will Be Found No Where.
I Am Learning The Art Of Disappearance From Darkness. Being Every Where Yet Being Nowhere! But Will The Darkness Be Able To Hide Me, Like Its Own Presence??
I Want To Evanescence In The Abyss Of An Infinite Path, Where No One Will Know Me, No One Will Recognize Me. I Want To Go So Far That I Will Never Be Able To Make A Comeback.
The ReasOn Is Quite Obvious: I Want To Be Found - We All Want To Be Found!! Is It True?? Is It Just Me, Or Others Too Want To Be Dissipated In The Path Of Being Found?!

16 12 20 - 01:37:39


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Being Lost, Being Found! : Recent Comments

+ kelly

I like this. Very well done. Clear an understandable feelings

22 12 20-01:28:20

+ Ghoststar

Nice Blog... Keep it up. (up)
Yeah it is meaningful blog. That feelings is unexplainable.
Similarly when some makes us nonentity and dilutes in water that feelings is also worst.
But that\'s the life. Life teaches us many things.

16 12 20-13:44:56


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