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My heart holds love, but confined and walled up,
My mind holds dreams, vast and innovative,
My body holds grace, unique and free,
My hands nurture and caress lives,
My fingers move far and wide giving music to the strings of my guitar,
My eyes holds back tears that are welled up from grief,
My mouth only speaks what is right,
My actions are in a constant state of insurgence;
Insurgence keeps me going, it feeds me, it cures me from fear, sadness and failures.
I\'ve learnt to be still when needed,
I learnt to find peace when required,
But i always strive each day to make my next day better,
I keep going till my body lets me.
This is the insurgence, which keeps me going.

14 03 21 - 03:40:09


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- zach16

The pain is expelled very good blog by a rebellious young gal. So strongly you will move on as you are very much insurgence.

18 03 21-21:30:54

- lipsy

insurgence by insurgent a gud and nyc blog,narattd gud feelngs and expresn...wishng gud luck frnd!

14 03 21-19:46:55


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