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What do you believe in? by: Nemesis

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What does belief mean in this world? Do you believe in God or existence of supernatural power? Or do you believe in science or the evolution? Do you believe in yourself or do you believe in luck? Many times we ruin our mind believing in things which make no sense. In other times we just don\'t believe in anything. So what exactly do you believe in?

04 04 21 - 11:23:06


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What do you believe in? : Recent Comments

- Creature123

Depend on mindset.. how you see the things...and yes i have believe in God..n some power also.. and even luck also..but don\'t think too much on this.

10 05 21-23:22:24

- Mirage

Oh ! When I see a cockroach flying towards me , I start to believe in every natural and supernatural things.. Oh GOD !! Just save me from that flying horror !! That\'s a DEVIL !!! HELP !!!!!!!!! (gscared) (imdead)

29 04 21-12:20:02

- a_jha

I believe in one and only me ....
No other option ...(cutebfly)

12 04 21-08:54:28

- Nemesis

Yes its an open ended blog where we should question ourselves what do we really believe in?

10 04 21-00:20:06

- Chatterbug

is it a blog ? what exactly you were expecting from us ,should we believe or what?

08 04 21-19:49:39


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