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Fedup of lockdown by: kelly

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Are you scared about whats going on? Do you ever wonder what we did wrong? How could this get out of control when human beings always ruled this world?
Be careful thats what they say, stay inside wash clean an pray. Im worried what should i do? I miss normal life, im sure you do too.
Do you ever wonder when will this end? When will we spend time with our families an friends? Ahhh its time 2 go, im fedup of all this, take care my friend. Till next time this is the end

11 05 21 - 05:40:15


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- lipsy

be brave dnt be scared..all these things temprory..u knw climate change likwise dis suitutions may change..bright day would come defntly..

24 05 21-06:06:37

- Mirage

I am fade up too.. Seems like we all are trapped in a never ending loop seeing silver lining for a moment and then loosing it again behind the dark cloud... (gsad)

11 05 21-14:18:15


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