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insOmniac by: livEwirE

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(slept)...wondering in my dreams and, ! am just thinking of you tonight...
...! just felt that, ! am missing you badly in the silence of this whispering night...
...loneliness is killing me, but without you ! can not survive...
...! want to sleep, but ! can not sleep at this dark silent night...
...the darkness is calling me in its deep inside, but ! am just dreaming that you will come at my sight...
...ohh baby just come and hold me tight, your insOmniac is still waiting for you with his dry sleepy eyes...

28 07 10 - 06:43:46


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insOmniac : Recent Comments

- Resilient

An excellent blog indeed. The sense of loving, sorrow and longing is well expressed in a shortly written piece.

12 08 16-18:12:15


wow now everyone will get a deep sleep and your lover will come soon dont worry all the best

30 03 16-14:46:09

- Arnikoo

so lovely.... lines... bosss.. u r in mood...keep on going (bravo)

16 08 14-16:10:10

- explosive

L!ve w!re great words for sure,now I would rather get engaged to your words.nice for sure

22 11 13-10:51:00

- Jiya22

(clap) lovely poem sir :p keep it up :)

27 01 13-02:06:37


Beautifully poetic!! But wit a very sad undertone!!! Life witout the one u love can seem so lonely even if ur surronded by 100 ppl! More so wen ur in ur bed at nyt en the one u luv is not ryt thr beside you!! Fantastic en heartfelt blog livewire!!

10 06 11-23:18:26

- ArOmA

very nice ................ but it is unfortunate to tell u that in psychological terms insomnia is a disorder.

30 07 10-23:20:41

- amEEnaa

lovly n excellence blog let me send the fairy 4 you tonight in yr dream (hug)

28 07 10-20:14:01

- DaZzLE

lovely, dumbstruck. Am sure whosoever wil read ths wil fal in lov with ur ins0mnia.

28 07 10-18:25:16


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