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5 ReaSonS wHy I L0vE YoU - A DediCateD BloG by: AmY_-

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Millions Of Emotions, A Quick Adrenaline Rush & Countless Thoughts Pops Up In My Head Every Time I Look At You. SO Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Love You So Much::

(hearts) Reason 1# I Love You Because You Always Loved Me At My Worst. Despite Our Differences, Despite Me Not Being Perfect, You Always Loved Me.

(hearts) Reason 2# I Love You Because You Are My Best Friend. You Are My Lover, My Only Friend, My Companion With Whom I Can Just Talk About Anything.

(hearts) Reason 3# I Love You Because You Pay Attention To Me. I Just Love The Way How You Always Notice Every Little Thing About Me.

(hearts) Reason 4# I Love You Because Of The Incredible Telepathy We Share, Even Without Seeing Each Other. This Is Something I Never Felt Before.

(hearts) Reason 5# I Love You For No Reason As Well. You Are Just Everything I Wished For. You Are Mine & That`s What I Love Most About You.

30 05 21 - 09:13:29


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5 ReaSonS wHy I L0vE YoU - A DediCateD BloG : Recent Comments

- gourty

emotions are love
i love love
because its the passion for whatsoever i like

10 06 21-12:24:17

- Ghoststar

It clearly shows the emotions when you have written this blog.
How you love your man, your man loves you the same way and till he breaths.
This blog is something special. I wish if there is a way to save and linked to my profile this blog (hearts)
I love you, My Amy (hearts)

31 05 21-00:10:56


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