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My SwEEt MemOrieS by: DrEamYgaL

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(hearts)...tiMe dOesn\\\'t waIt foR aNy 0nE..l!fe dOeSn\\\'t StaY SaMe..tHeRe wAs a tiMe wHen wE bOtH WeRe iN LovE..BuT tOdaY We aRe sO faR YeT yOu aRe sO CloSe tO My heARt..
(hearts) I CaN NoT reaCh WeRe yOu aRe..BuT I CaN feeL yOu !n mE bY juSt CloSinG My EyEs..yOu leFt mE yOu huRted mE baDly yEt I feeL tHoSe tiMe WaS sO LoveLy..(hearts)
(hearts)..I WonT sAy CoMe baCk tO mE aS I knOw yOu neVer LovEeD mE..BuT StiLL I wOuLd sAy u\\\'LL bE !n MY heARt aS My SwEEt MemOrie..(hearts)
LovE wHich tuRned iNtO tHe PaiN..PaiN wHich tiMe GavE uS..tiMe tHat i haVe hOlded !n My haNd..JuSt hOld My haNd OnCe yOu w!ll feeL hOw muCh iMpOrtaNt yOu wAs..(hearts)
BuT neVer MinD wHeRe eVer yOu aRe..wHoeVer wItH yOu I wOuld JuSt sAy... KeeP SmiLe !n yOuR LipS aLwayS..yOuR SmiLe iS tHe reAsOn Of SoMe0nE HappiNeSS..(hearts)
(hearts)trY tO dOnt fOrgeT mE eVer..StaY haPPilY !n My heARt foReVer..MaY bE yOu aRe SoMeOnE FoR tHe wHoLe wOrLd..BuT yOu wAs & aRe tHe wOrLd foR SoMeOnE..(hearts)(hearts).. TaKe GooD CaRe & bE haPPy..nOw CloSinG My bOOk Of MemOry..

31 07 10 - 08:42:53


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My SwEEt MemOrieS : Recent Comments

- friendlyboy

So pure expresion of love that every one thinks its his/her own story n own feeling. It makes u sad but next moment u became happy thinking of her/him, thats the love.

12 12 17-00:54:29

- asiangirl18

i love it , full of love and reality, i could to relate to this, love is sacrifice , im in that situation ryt now .. but life must go on , they say if u love u should know how to let them go .. i guess they were ryt .. ome sided lobe wount be that good .. it full of pain , aches and etc ..

13 02 16-06:44:19

- iceangel

Very true I know that feeling and it is very true memories are there like they are real and feel real but sometimes it hurts to remember. Time heals everything remember that phrase it is true.

20 05 15-11:00:34

- sangeetha

sweet memory in my life is UG college life..i cant forgot each n every moments as wel as our frnds..v cant go again to college life but our mind cant come out college life..jus memories only there..

22 04 14-07:21:09

- jishnu7

Touching words for real...... But wat to say.. Memories never die....

19 11 13-20:23:33

- raj-rocks

Mera sar fat raha hai i say plz leave me

13 06 13-19:46:43

- gulzar

One cannot forget the past moments of is the Memories that never ends.

23 08 11-07:31:27

- desirez


02 04 11-15:42:27

- a4decent_boy

yar itne heart kaise add hote hai ?

21 10 10-13:25:56


Where wont wnt 2 leave.U ll lik stayin there 4eva.Thanks 4 sharin ur swt memories.Thanks dreamy.(heart)

23 08 10-22:48:39


Ur memory book contains touchin words.I ll add by sayin luvin some1(heart) is jst lik dying 4 soMe1.D memories of d 1 u luv is jst lik being in a garden full of luv flowas.

23 08 10-22:44:34


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