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LonGinG For You by: DaZzLE

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I still long for you.. i dont believe in second chances, but with you i wanted to try again.. hoping that maybe. . . maybe this time it can happen,it can last 4evr.. months had passed,but you are still in my heart in my mind. i wanna pick you out in my mind; I cant. I wanna 4get you, but my heart tells me not to do so. I wanna move on but our memories still cling in my mind.. every night I sleep you are always in my dreams; dreams that keep on reminding me of the pain and the bitterness of losing you.. I still hope even when these hopes give me pain.. hoping that someday, somehow we will meet again and by then, it can last 4ever..

07 01 11 - 11:29:16


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LonGinG For You : Recent Comments

- Jas_Min

..this is awesome blog..I really like it..hope both of u got a 2nd chance.:)

21 08 14-18:00:59

- cass991

i can relate much to yous situation. Such memories are not easy to 4get because the heart is the one that were talking about in situations like that. I have longing and praying too that he would come back to me.

25 01 14-04:36:06

- jerry1988

I have been thru all this myself...such a pain..such pathos...phew..i wish I nvr had to read dis blog..nw m bck to where I left ma broken heart..damn u blog

16 09 13-23:08:14

- ZeRo

Chahat jitna chahe kar lo..phir bhi uski inteha nahi hoti...Dil toot kar bikhar hi na jayen..aur ankhein band hokar bhi nahi soti...:)

07 03 13-20:31:45

- DaZzLE

wish there was sum lol

07 01 11-20:18:03

- nodrama

aww to whom all these blogs are dedicatd to,lucky guy!!

07 01 11-20:04:02


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