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My day not complete still want 2 go back n start d day afresh..
Evry second sumthing was missing n day was so uncertain wit rockchat fren not around..
kip waiting n waiting n 24 hourz without it was almost impossible but sumhow day was possible though hard..
D day ordeal was different n nothing was in gud shape coz i miss d morning wish of frenz n gud day wish coz without it dnt wanna start d day..
D whole day was different n ma thumb exercise slowing down hehe..
Now m living ma lyf along wit rockchat dat a day without it make me feel dull n feelz me not online 4 100 decades..
Dnt knw whethr good or bad but i love d feeling of missing rockchat coz of d loving n friendly people in....
Dnt knw in which part or how u leading ur lyf but evry1 of u in here has bekum a part of my lyf..
A warm embrace n hug 4 evry1 of u, hope i dnt get a chance 2 b away 4m u ol 4 anoda day..
Love u ol in ma own uniqueness n speciality...

12 05 11 - 07:35:02


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- Bushra

A day without Rock Chat is an amazing Day :)

23 04 15-09:42:45

- dina

a day without rockchat feeling bad , and a day without rockchat not a meet karen feeling very bad

02 06 14-19:58:10

- tonystark

It wil be lyk hell witout rc for me
i dnt want da hell

17 10 13-23:27:49

- ceezan

u r in adiction bro nthing thr 2 congrat u

03 03 13-01:19:35

- love4ever

i think my day incomplete widout rc now he becamea part of my life my all gud frnds r der i hv not spend my day widout rc

11 01 13-21:40:29

- maya616

but it sounds like an addiction, for all of us me too even. and what is real anymore? :( nice blog

15 11 12-13:21:43

- DOraEMon

U just spoke my tongue speach bondhu.(hug) its realy a hard feeling wn i c rockcht in a problm. i wont ever enjoy by otha way if rockchat is nt around me. i cant even think of tht bad moments. its rely our family bondhu:)

12 05 11-08:15:39

- DrEamYgaL

(aww) so swt partnr..yeah u r rite partnr day bcm inc0mplete widout RC..and RC friends..(hug) partnr

12 05 11-07:51:21


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