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Living Without A Life by: Lisa

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I suffer from the haunting pains of my past.
Completely exhausted from fighting every single day through the darkness that seems to hover above me all the times.
No matter what i do,its never good enough.
It will never be good enough.
No matter what,they will alwayz tell me i am a loser.
People say stuffs about me,judge me,lie me.
Think they know me and really they have no clue because they dont know me.
I am tired of trying to be perfect for everyone.
I am woke up by same horrific nightmares.
I cant move on.
They dont realise how far i am slipping...just slipping.
And they are going to wonder what caused me to snap.
I do not want to cry but tears just fall down my cheecks.
I know,i know i am rambling but is there any way out???

19 02 12 - 12:05:18


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Living Without A Life : Recent Comments

- Resilient

No matter what you do as long as you\'re doing what you love and it is good, you\'re at your best. Get up and keep smiling!

06 09 16-04:49:25

- Ishwaraa

Don\'t just find someone who\'s care, eventually you\'d be attached. Best way is to do thing you love, fall in love with yourself over and over again. Sounds cliché but you have to love yourself when you\'re all alone. Slowly bring yourself back to the present, why look back when it has all happened before?!

18 03 16-17:23:04

- jess3pinkman

Lisa I feel the same some times I sey some times cuz I think of something els something good something that I like and love and for those few minnits I feel happy I know its not good that way eather but Its something. Sorry cant help u whit this cuz

16 03 14-19:31:30

- smaira

Yeah i feel the same..i hv lost d love of my lyf 2 months back n dun wish to do anything by heart nw...m lyk loosin ltf seems aimless..n yet ppl dun stop bitchin around n judging me..its a hell world

03 01 14-10:49:19

- imusika

I dont know the way out :( i find it but i always turn go back .. If you find yours tell me and i will try it coz living pain always sucks ! Hahaha :)

13 03 13-18:24:35

- AtHLeTe

il agree with don the DON LIFE (mafia)(bigboss)

09 09 12-02:12:39

- livEwirE

I Can Feel Your Sufferings...All I Will Say That...Hunt The Haunt, Make Your Life Grand, Live It Like A Brand And Make All Enchant !:)

20 02 12-01:18:09

- blacksoul

Wow, very deep, but also very good :) keep up the good work hun. and i think you just need to find a special person who will be there for you and comfort you and listen to you when you are sad. there arent many out there, but i know if you find someo

19 02 12-16:32:09

- DOraEMon

There is only one way, that is get yourself engaged for some good works. Do something new. You know well that how to make yourself engaged. This could be the best idea. Nice blog(superb) awesome

19 02 12-00:28:04


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