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FeBruary By_ DOraEMon by: DOraEMon

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(heart)The Sunshine Of The Morning Says To The Sky.(heart)
(heart)You Will Come Today.(heart)
(heart)You Will Come Today In The Morning Of My Mind.(heart)
(heart)Is It True?(heart)
(heart)All The Leaf Of The Branches Go Crazy,(heart)
(heart)While You Come.(heart)
(heart)Why So?(heart)
(heart)The Winds Gives A Smile.(heart)
(heart)Why So?(heart)
(heart)Do You Know The The Birds Tweets Surround Me In The Addiction Of You?(heart)
(heart)(While You Come)(heart)
(heart)Will You Dare To Stop Them Really?(heart)
(heart)Why You Look At Me With That Smile?(heart)
(heart)It Takes Me Back To That Garden Of My Imagination.(heart)
(heart)Can You Stop It?(heart)
(heart)Will You Stop Your Walks Like These Inks Of My Pen?(heart)
(heart)This February Draws A Real Sketch Of My Dreamly Spring In This Evening Of My Age.(heart)
(heart)What Teach Me A Lot Of Languages To My Life.(heart)
(heart)I Will Keep Polishing My Dream Always,(heart)
(heart)As I Believe You Are The Real Colour Of My Life.(heart)
(heart)Will You Please Colour This February Again?(heart)

16 03 12 - 07:51:48


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FeBruary By_ DOraEMon : Recent Comments

- DOraEMon

I never even listened that song @smile_everyday. Sometime you can see the similarity of yours someone special with some beautiful thing that you like.

13 02 14-16:39:41

- smile_everyday

I like this poem sounds like the poem in a song from javed akhtar,ek din aap yuh hamko miljayenge. Phool hi phool khiljayenge .

13 02 14-12:10:46

- punkhudi

Yup vry nyc . but etne sare sawal (pagal)... kiddng vry nyc dorae ... (smile)...

16 01 14-21:04:25

- keerti

whome are you waiting for prabir. btw nice combination of words

30 12 13-20:52:46

- DOraEMon

I never do copy pasting job like you people does @salman:p

25 07 13-17:33:30

- salman

superb yarrrr...kaha se li bro awsm hay.....very heart touch line yarrr

25 07 13-16:21:27

- StReeT_HawK

February mahine ka jis khoobsurati se varnan kiya hae wo kabil-e-taareef..(cute)(good)

21 03 12-16:50:10

- nubian_princess

I love this. Awesome words. You have a great way of putting them together.

19 03 12-11:14:12

- ArMaaN_sInGh

Nice blog bro great heart touching lines bro (claps)

17 03 12-13:24:47


Nic lines tomeo bt i really dnt knw wen m onlin u hid n wen m oflin u r at shouts n so many doubts i ve anyway hop des flngs reach ur jult hrt hm

16 03 12-21:08:07


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