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When we read a story, what we think? How well it is written. ok, let me come to the point and ask a another question. Do you ever try to read a good story ? Some ppl may say yes, some may say no. But the truth is only one, that is, a good story never needs any type of tries or special effort to read it. You dont need to understand it. It will teach you itself, if you are not unknown to the language in which the story is written.
We humans and our thinking is the same. Speaking withourself is clear that if you are good, you dont need any trial to understand yourself. Your innersoul will teach you about you itself. Sents says that speaking with self is a limit of budhdhism or aomething else. We human and our inner is very hard to know ? But why our inner is hard to know ? its not. It always tries to teach us. To speak with us. But we never give a ear to ourself. We never give a chance to ourselves to teach us. We never open that storybook which is within us. You nont need to be a saint or you dont need to be a yogi to reach a stage where you can talk to yourself. Just be honest enough so that your inner will not hesitate in talking with yourself.

17 06 12 - 08:31:22


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- imusika

We hear it , we notice our inner self but the problem is , we always ignore it :)

07 11 16-10:58:18

- Resilient

Have you ever been in that story and fly to the cloud of nothingness? True, knowing is sometimes a result of unknowing.

26 10 16-15:39:56

- Helohelo

The scary one is not scary if he talks like this. We r all human with the same basic feelings hidden inside. Thank u for being u

16 08 15-13:42:44

- HorizOn

hmmmm dats truee(gthink) Yup i agreee wid uhh

05 02 15-21:56:48

- smile_everyday

Hi Mixmax , (ras) I can recognise myself in your story , often I am talking to myself:) it teaches us lot.

30 05 14-06:03:51

- MaXpaYne

If its a good story, it will make you forcefully submerged into the layers. if you have to undertand it than organic chamistry is the best story i have ever read coz i could not understand that. Good story attracts you. If story is failed to pull you

19 11 13-12:24:30

- NekoSenpai

I dun really agree with what you say. If it is a good story.. Then there is real need to understand. A good story is never the obvious.. A good story is all about layers. Now it depends on the reader and his skills to unfold those layers and reach th

16 11 13-02:26:30

- blasee

Mann ki aankhe khol re baba ..
Mann ki aankhe khol...

30 10 13-05:16:59

- anushree

ya true written,we should listen to our soul.aur khud k faislon k liye kisi dusre person ki advice pr depend nhi rehna chahiye,bcoz u knw urself better than anyone in this world. :)

04 09 12-23:24:39


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