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Vote for what ? - by Akhil by: AKHiL

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Every day when I wake up , I use to Open wap in my phone. Without any reason, Without any excitements, Without thinking what m gonna write on my wall, Just write good morning, have a nice day, some ^Ctrl C - Ctrl V^ Thoughts, Some time its go Wired as ^M missing Kawabs of Lucknow, More then you^. That^s what make me feel like a stud , Actually Facebook is a good way to pretend yourself as a cool one.
Guess what , Same thing happened when I was Voting last season, yes Elections are like ^Season of Politics^. Every body wearing white, Clean (or dirty.....Who cares) Clothes with their specific Brand^s Logo (Signs of their Temporarily owned Parties) , and keep trying to puke their thoughts on Rahul V/s Modi , Common men^s Congress, a weak prime minister. So, on that day I prepared my self , I was so happy that I am going to vote First time in my life and proud because I was making the government of my country . I was well dressed and maintained I asked my dad ^which party to vote?^ , they told me ^Beeeeep^. I said well I went to booth and Voted on ^Beeeeep^. Yeaaa , I used beep coz I don\'t wanaa write any party^s name. And ^Beep is the greatest invention is 21st century to hide all your mistakes, and hurt people^s feeling and make them laugh on it at same time^. I was soo proud that yes I am one in deciding the future of country. I was feeling myself so damn responsible and mature, I returned back home my younger brother was there.. He asked ^whom you voted ?^ , ^Beeeeeep^ I said. He asked nooo , ^I mean which person?^ I was blank , goOsh I didn\'t know the name of candidate even.
I don^t wanna say that knowing the candidate^s name will change anything. But knowing the Country will sure help. Each year I see lots of youngsters in news paper showing ^Election Ink^ mark on fingers that^s good. We are youth of india , and we gonna change the Scenario, Coz mark my words , ^Only youth can make Changes & give new examples to the society^ , Because we have new thoughts and idea. Its true , as frequently our generation accepted a working lady in home, previous generation was not.
As frequently we accepted Sunny Leone , It may be hard for them.
M not saying that they are bad, rigid or anything , m just saying ^its our time^.
And in this time when we are breaking all rigid rules of society then why not we breaking the Old tradition of Voting... ^That is voting for Party^.
Yes we vote for party rather then voting for a Candidate. We hardly know 10 leaders from One party , more than that only if you are a Volunteer of that.
So considering 10 people of a party we Vote for 545 seats in parliament. Is that really cool, we are voting by sampling method... And we think we will get a good government, well.. sorry to say guys its a bad Joke.
Selecting a good prime-minister is not in our limits , its done by member of parliament , But Choosing a good member of parliament is surly in our hands. But we waste our votes randomly voting for parties and aim towards selecting a Prime-minister for India, and statistically The probability for that Prime-Pinister is 1/545 (0.00183486). I mean that much Risk we are taking when we are being proud as a Voter and deciding the future of our country.
Should we be proud of that ?
And even we will be successful in selecting that prime minister-
^One good prime-minister defiantly Can not give you 545 good Members Of parliament for your society, but 545 good Members of parliament sure helps in giving us a good Prime-minister^
So I just wanna say break the old tradition of party wise Voting and Vote for a good Candidate.
And the criteria for a good candidate should be EDUCATED, WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL RECORD & CLEAR FACE, not the party he belongs.
I am writing this because lots of fronts are creating in upcoming 2014 parliament Elections, like shopping centers promising you the best Prime-Ministers for Cheap rates. And people thing that they gonna change the india.
They few may be good , but again its not a guarantee of being rest 545 as same.
And This Puzzle only be solved by breaking the old tradition of election and making new standards of ^Choosing a Candidate, rather then a party^.
So don^t vote only for being COol , but Vote for your real responsibility to do some thing good for your society, your people & defiantly for yOu.
Other wise again we will get a ^beeeeeeee^ government in 2014.
_thanking you!

09 11 12 - 11:53:45


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Vote for what ? - by Akhil : Recent Comments

- MortalMan

Well, analyze properly before you predict this as that.the weightage of an experienced person is more than a youngster.

24 01 16-10:25:57

- Arnikoo

i dont know whome to vote and to which party.but if we r 18 then we should participate on election..even if we dont like anyone.we can vote non of above.

18 04 14-11:17:31

- NisHiKa

I never thought of this. Do educated decent candidates contest elections? Next time, m gonna think twice before i vote for a party.

03 03 13-11:32:58

- NekoSenpai

Well written. But wht diffrence dz it makes if u r voting a party or an individual? All are corrupt eitherways! I mean if u have to chose between a rotten apple or a rotten orange fr ur breakfast wht wd u do? I d rathar skip breakfast than b proud of

08 02 13-10:56:01

- Raptur3

Very true.. Each one of us should use our rights in a good way to build a better India.. Hope some day dat happens and v cud proudly say dat yes we did it..

09 11 12-22:01:51

- Espero

hopefully we can change this old passion and we youth will change the country :)

09 11 12-20:48:39

- Espero

personal i dont like politics , but have to change the old junk passion to vote , all should aware of for whom he/she voting , you should vote only if you trust him :) but unluckily you wont found too many good persons in politics:)

09 11 12-20:46:11

- glimmer_

Cntd~~ but akhil hpe so we the younger generation in coming future wil be able to change ths:)*touchwood*

09 11 12-18:34:09

- glimmer_

Well said (clap).. But its really hard to change this scenario coz our country is \"hero worshipping country\"i mean more than the imprtanc of a party or an objectives we cast our precious vote to someone who looks cute:p or who belngs to gud family:

09 11 12-18:30:11

- NitEsH_

everyone should be aware of his/her own duties. one should vote for whom s/he want without asking anybody about that nd leave wot ancesters do. different thinkings may also be found in same family. so, vote for whom u want.(yo)

09 11 12-16:16:05

- NitEsH_

@MAXPAYNE. suru me padh ke mujhe v waisa hi laga:plekin baad me.....
@AKHIL. at least commerce ka student hone ka kuchh to fayada hua:p

09 11 12-16:14:11

- barfiii

Hey akhil nice yar
but it too lengthy so without reading it I m commenting here (ras)

09 11 12-14:57:48

- AmaNdo_

Yup creed bro absolutely rite at that point!!, akhilu bro nicely written n well mentioned abt constituency elections

09 11 12-14:40:06

- MaXpaYne

how can one write so good. . Koi baar meko lagta hai ki tum copy paste karte ho kahin se. . .. . :p, and yeah kababs are realy missable than gf. . (ras)

09 11 12-12:44:08

- G0D-f4tH3R

EleCtiOns (pagal) I TruEly Dont LiKe ThiS WorD CoZ EverY TiMe, ThE PolicianS Selected By PeopleS, Forgot What TheY ProMisE B4 EleCtioNs, TheSe DaYs PriCe Values Of EverYthing Is TouchIng SkY Nd PooR Going MorE PooReR ConDitiOn, I HaTE PoLiTiCs

09 11 12-12:23:05

- DOraEMon

One has to be abided by the sound power in one. They changes the system. Powerful peoples are right everywhere. :( If all the people shows their seriousness for voting, It may can worked out. Else polls are being stealed ! :(

09 11 12-12:14:08

- DOraEMon

Oooh... ! That aint works in our assembly elections. (not only in Assam, but also in many states I guess) It actually required one revolution to change those system where they votes out for ownself by they cheating process. One has to be abided by th

09 11 12-12:12:44


Edir that creed broo , m nt tht good at that (ras) / and then its a worst situation then I expected (ras)

09 11 12-12:03:44

- creed

Nicely wrote, however you missed one specific important part i.e. The Prime Minister can be from the Upper House too i.e. Rajya Sabha which constitutes 250 members. The probability of a Prime Minister is 1/790.

09 11 12-12:01:38

- naIna_anGel

whenever you wil stand in election .. tel me once ..i wil vote for you..for educated friend:)

09 11 12-11:58:45


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