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...........~Random Thought~.............
Winter season has its own charm.Its my favorite season.Sometimes back i was chatting with my school buddy Reshma about it.My hometown had a very wonderful winter season.even the thought of a it brings goose bumps.Chilly air!!! U say...well there ur breath would be freezed.Riding a bike on the road will actually make u realize what mountaineers call a \"frost bite\".
3 years at Mumbai,i never saw a winter season which can be called a true winter.But this time it was chilly here..
I was stuck late at the office.I checked my watch it was 11.30,so i decided to leave.As i walked down the stairs.I took out a fag and lit it.I puffed the smoke and I remembered my days of winter season as a kid.We used to blow our breath in the air.The vapour in our breath would show up like fag smoke.and we all used to giggle and play.Thought of it brought a slight smile to my face.i couldn\'t find an auto so i took a walk.Luckily I was able to catch one of last locals.whole of this journey, my mind was filled with childhood memories as if I was reading my memoirs.
At last I reach my station.I looked at my watch, 1.07 it soon as i stepped out i felt shiver as the cold air touched the exposed parts of my skin...the station seemed deserted...few lights had gone out giving it a horror movie set look...I could see few people sleeping in the platform but with deadly silence ...suddenly i heard.....\"kuuutkatcuuuut....whhooohuhuhu...\"..i i proceeded to leave...i heard it again..i decided to check.i moved towards the dark corner as it seemed to be the source of the noise...i could see people sleeping on the floor...the only thing which differentiated them from corpse was their heaving chest...
The darkness grew so i pressed the button on my mobile for light as i found my was a 5-6 year old body...sleeping on a shredded carton of Kinley water...he was shivering with both his hands pressed between his knees...the only covers he had to fend of the cold was....a dirty and torned half pant and a filthy shirt,held together with just one little button...he didn\'t move to see me as he was busy with his war with the cold....i felt pity and thought what should I do to help the poor little was dark...
I went out in search of something to cover his body...all shops and outlets were closed...i was aghast...what if the child catches pneumonia...for his young body this would be the first stint with chillness....if he is sick,who\'s gonna take care....i spoke out loud...\"WTF!!! How do I help him...God help me to help him...\"With a failed look on my face I was returning back when i said...\"JAI MAHARASHTRA!!!\"
A cloth banner of some political party was hanging in a tree...the only readable stuff for me was Jai Maharashtra...the height was realistic to i climbed the tree tore off the stitches and proceeded towards the station...i woke up the child and said...\"le ise oddh ke so jaa\"
he looked at me with half closed eyes...without much of a thought,he took the cloth...put it over his body....i watched as his eye lids shut and he slept in the dimness of night....again the station had deadly silence...only audible thing was heavy breathing of people sleeping there and occasional dog i made my way to home all childhood memories had vanished...
I finished my dinner...i lay down on my bed clutching the blanket in my hands and gazing at the ceiling...i thought \"India is into the globalisation phase,its one of the largest economy and self proclaimed super power....but what i witnessed was real India....We speak about Lakme Fashion Week,Fall Winter collections....when meager kids do not have proper clothes to wear....the big necessity of the AAM ADMI is \"Roti,Kapda & Makaan\"....same isn\'t what do we get out of FDIs,Globalisation and GDPs....???
My thoughts doing rounds of debate like Arnab Goswami....
Amidst all these debate the topic that won were my eyes now famished for sooner had i shut my swollen sleep deprived eyes....all topics ended in zip....

29 11 12 - 08:15:48


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~Random Thoughts continues..Sammy~ : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Wowww . . . what a blog i never read it before . . a bitter reality ... Its really worrh reading .. Kind thoughts kind heart ... Amazing seriously

07 03 17-16:58:31

- QueenOfHisheart

Very nice blog. It was realistic and i culd easily relate myslf wid d incident.

23 06 16-22:13:15


Wonderfuly presntd.. Words r drawn so nicely and d topic u raised z worth thnkn n putn light to. And d striking end.. Whr d comon man dsnt bring a rfrm.. Bt d realty.. Dt he burdend up wd work n thots surendr to sleep forgetn evry battle of right wrng

18 12 15-22:24:10

- AtHLeTe

Amazing thoughts bhai :)(bravo) nice writing man u shud consider writing a book yaar sumthn like Baghbaan :p

14 01 15-10:44:09

+ ForestDweller

The most realistic blog i\'ve ever read bro. Here you caught the problems that India has been facing and nd made us realise about it.Creation of such blog is very worthwhile and i must say,you are a real citizen.

20 09 14-17:48:01

- Flow3r

excellent chammy yuv shown the face of real india n dat z poverty the root

31 12 13-00:49:09

- miley

Actually sumthng worth reading n d way it is narrated gud job..

02 04 13-01:08:05

- NisHiKa

Good job! (up) We need both development of nation as well as distribution of basic necessities.

05 03 13-16:38:26

- DeSeRt_RAiN

this is wonderful yaar.. (clap) its absolutely correct wat u r trying to convey!

26 01 13-13:00:39

- ZeRo

Thank u so much blue..for ur kind words...I m honored..:)

30 11 12-10:32:43


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