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Sometimes what all you need in life is to TAKE A PAUSE by: AthenA

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The world start with life, and I believe there is someone
powerful than anyone and
anything who created life, but no one knows and no one sees how everything\'s made up.
When we exist all creation is there already done around the universe.
Others believe and other is not, but life is still goes on through the faith we had..
:) Life live according on what
we beliefs, on what they
taught us, and on what we had learned..
Most human believe that there is God, and yet they doubt.
Life is composed of a million
moments everyday that God\'s made.
If you just analyse one\'s
life, you will realize that
everyone also experience
whatever you feel and whatever you\'ve been through,
it maybe in different situation place and time and yet the feelings is always been the same,
\"pains and hurts\".
:) Knowledge of man tried to
change the world, but the world can never be change, the world
can\'t stop to turning around and the sun continue to shine, death will come but another life will be rised again..
:) Most of us questioning of our existence, the reason and purpose why He brought you here.
To be good and to do good?
Or to survive the test and win the fight?..
:) But looks around you,
What a mess you\'ve done.
You kill people, and destroy the world,
You steal and cheat to yourself and to them,
You hurt the one who loves
you, and harm those innocent one.
You are sinner yes you are, but you can clean yourself everyday if you want..
:) Life is not to fight the world,
and is not just to learn and
And it is not to keep on going too..
But life is also a pause...
a pause to kneel and cry,
to feel the one who brought
you here.
For you to understand
- janet ♥

05 01 13 - 08:41:57


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Sometimes what all you need in life is to TAKE A PAUSE : Recent Comments

- crazytipz01

No matter how far we get through...for d better or for the worse...stil at d end of d day..u gotta take a momnt of silence..n b thnkful for everythin(heart)

25 03 16-03:52:13

+ ForestDweller

Nice said..You\'r a person with full of power...

04 02 14-19:39:45

- GelLIcIouS

ts a great blog..ts remind us abt our CREATOR..ts remind us to repent n wth no luggages of sins..Yes,we NEED to PAUSE...

06 01 13-10:52:34

- AtHLeTe

Hahahaha these people wil never change,Cmon guys give Rockerz FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESION,Let the Rockerz here Who BDW make ths place run n survive be the JUDGES N LET THEM DECIDE.Lets nt hurt any1s FEELINGS PLEASE,al in Gud faith,Thank u n a Ble

05 01 13-17:30:09

- sophia

Well said :) have a blessed day (hug)

05 01 13-14:06:29


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