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LOVE is the real meaning of LIFE by: AthenA

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Life is beautiful,
when your
heart knows how to live..
To live is wonderful,
when you know the reasons why you exist..
Existence is reasonable,
when you know the purpose of each creatures..
Every creature has value,
if you know how to give meaning to it...
Life is meaningful,
when you know how to inspire people..
People is lovable,
when they know how to love the world...
The world is full of beauty,
when human have a good heart like you..
And YOU... are special,
because you know how to love..
Because LOVE is the real
meaning of LIFE.
~ janet ♥

07 01 13 - 05:27:33


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LOVE is the real meaning of LIFE : Recent Comments

- khara_mariah

Making people inspired & influence them that living life with love s wonderful...

29 12 15-18:06:19

- zplus98

Life is a thought only only if it contains beautiful,wonderful,reasonable,value,meaningful,lovable,beauty,real. All it had in your blogs. Old is gold and admire ur thought. 10/10

16 11 14-20:44:10

- Arnikoo

bakws bakws bakws bakws bakws bakws... Time kaha sa lata ho.

24 03 14-18:43:49

- veer

itna time kahan se milta h itna sab borring baatein likhne ka.....aur specially itna mehnat krne ka ye sb likhne ke liye

06 07 13-00:23:32

- raj-rocks

He vagwan me tere layak hu jo,mere sath dukh hoga

07 06 13-23:37:09

- NisHiKa

Inspiring!! The thoughts and the way of presenting, both require applause. Great going Athena! (up)

07 01 13-06:01:32


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