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Its a true story based on the unlucky number 13 Once a new student called borsho was admited in rangpur medical collage in bangladesh he had a roommate called pintu in rmc hostel there was an old box in that room nobody has ever opened the box beacause everyone ignored it one day pintu and borsho opened the box they found a picture it had many eyes noses and ears there was also a sentence was written it said the 13th face there was 12 faces in painting but pintu and borsho didnt find the 13th face after that day they showed the picture to their friends but nobody could find the 13th face but borsho was curious to find that face that night everyone was sleeping but borsho was busy with the painting next day everyone noticed that borsho was acting strange borsho was a bright student after sometimes his grades were getting down one night pintu heard a sound he woke up and saw a horroble face was in front of borsho pintu became senseless on text morning he up and asked everyone about borsho everyone said his uncle took him home after someday a badnews came borsho was dead and the pintu ran into his room and found that the picture was in the box plz dont be paniced and dont take it as joke there are many supernatural things in the world we should not go deep of anything

10 01 13 - 06:32:13


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- AIM-Locus

Your story is like break up.One who have felt it will feel it and ones who haven\'t they will find it hard. I am the former.

17 07 18-18:16:43

- PixeL_RaiN

*scatchin hEad*
What did jUxt happEn?!

29 12 16-15:19:53

- Bushra

Well its the 21st century we are living in, if u are still believing in superstitions like that, u are still living in the age of ignorance:)

29 01 16-13:23:49

- Gambit

It must have been friday . Must have got inspiration from friday the 13th

05 10 14-00:56:25


I heard that pintu has kept the painting or picture sumwhere no one can get!@melty

03 12 13-01:18:35

- innocent_melty

It seems like the story is not yet done...ahahahahaha what pintu saw in the picture??? Borsho face and it came 13th face??

03 12 13-00:37:23

- drlngsatish

Luck will not be in numbers,doing will be in our hands if we do any work with a smal hope & interest that we can reach it then we automaticaly reach it so dnt believe on luck,unluck&super natural things

22 06 13-06:30:27

- TrOuBlE_MaKeR

yeah you are right bro there are many things in this world whom we can\'t explain

11 01 13-19:42:54


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