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My FaV MoVie CHAK DE INDIA And The Things I Feel AbOut It by: MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

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My Fav MoVie (star)CHAK DE INDIA (star). I HavE WatchEd It Lot Of Times But Every Time I Watch It This DaMn Movies Makes Me Cry Man (crycry). (dry) YoU All MiGht Be ThinKIng Oh She iS like All girls Who (cry) For all STupid Emotional SentimenTAl Scenes , BuT (no) I Am Not Like Them The ThiNGS in The moVIe are So reAlasticaLLy Shown And Have Such Deep Meaning That Makes Me (cry)
The First ThinG That Mostly Touches me is The dialoUge That IS said By Sharukh Khan That (star) PehLi BAr Kisi Gore Ko Industhan KA tiranGA lehrate Hue Dekh RAha Hu (star) Its very Simple Dialouge But Really TouChes HEart If U feeL it . The seconD DialoUge Which TouChes My Heart Is AnoTher Dialouge Again By Sharukh Khan (star) FiNAl Tak PahunCh ke Har JAne ka BHoj Kya Hota ha Tum Ab NAi samaj pari Ho Par JAb Samjogi ISi Bardash NAi kar paogi (star)
In This MOvie The Typical MEntality Of Girls Is Also Shown Which I also0 Feel Is True Girls I say MAn are jealous Of Other Girls They Are NEver Co-operaTive With Other Girls . I am A girl But i still Feel It . I Have Noticed Many Times That when Boys Have any trouble They Help Each Other But Girls No Way (angry). Even after KnowinG That their Freind Likes A boy they stil;l try To FliRt With The Same Boy. In The mOvIe Also They HAve shown That How these Girls Play Their own Games Till Last As Its A film in the last they became co-operative but in real life (hehehe) they never Lol
The main ThinG That I Like About This Movie Is that How The mistake Of Few Coward And BAd heartLEss PeopLE forCe PEopLE to JUdge Others Also Even If They Have Done No Mistake And How THE Inocent Ones HAve to Suffer the guIlt And Insult WithoUt Any FAult just because they too are frm same community

26 01 13 - 02:26:24


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My FaV MoVie CHAK DE INDIA And The Things I Feel AbOut It : Recent Comments

- imwish2die

Everyone have something labeled as favorite but this movie is everyone\'s favorite, amazing work and amazing story, and in end when the pass ball to each other that was out standing

21 02 16-00:51:16

- HorizOn

Awesome blog.. And yeah awesome movie too... And yeah i agree with u sarah.. boys are better than girls they help each other .. boys are cool.. girls are mean ..

07 06 15-14:12:38

- Bushra

Nice. :)
A great movie on cricket is May Hoon Shahid Afridi, also full of emotions by Hamayun Saeed. I liked the charcter of Molvi Majeed.

14 08 14-11:12:15

- irfii143

is movie me bahot hi dilkash chij batayi gai hai usme ek sachche
indian ki desh ke liye jo bhavnaye hai use darshaya gaya hai.

10 06 13-19:04:46

- AiKNighT

Nice! More then 100times i hv seen this movie. Actually it has many dimensions. I like the most its management n leadership learning, i usually ref many parts in my presentation also. I hv it on my lappy always, i love to see it regularly. Countless

09 06 13-11:42:06

- GuDDu

chak de india its realy national movies coz dis movies based on hockey game wen see dis movies den we ll feel hearttouching as well as knw abt wmns hockey team so its nyc blog sarah(gudjob)

26 01 13-14:49:23

- ArMaaN_sInGh

Nice blog saaru tele me itna dimag kanha se agya movie dekh ke itna bada blog likha mera pic dekh ke pyar ki 2-4 line to likh(blush)

26 01 13-14:42:06

- MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

All My FrienDs This IS mY Blog My FeeliNGs Plz Read ANd Rate And Dear If U HAve NOt Seen iT Plz Go And See It noW I bet U will DefiniTEly Love THE mOVIE (sarah)

26 01 13-14:31:20


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