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For me RockChat is a place to flee from harsh realities of life and reach an imaginary world where I do not have to be with people by compulsion but by choice. When I am fed of the problems and troubles, which form a default part of everyones reality life, and I need to escape from it all for sometime, in order to gain strength to fight back. RockChat is a place to escape from all the worries of reality world and find sanity. I may not be doing anything much, I may just come n watch people but even while staying silent i.e. simply staying here, has helped me a lot. It is not that I am biding adieu to RockChat or writing a farewell note, such is never going to happen. It is just that, I am not able to come to RockChat too often. I am a part of RockChat (a special part I must say) and RockChat surely is a very dear part of my life too. I do not think I can ever give upon coming to this place. Be it occasionally, be it once in a blue moon, dazzle will keep coming back. RockChat has blessed me with a buddy as Helpy (Creed now) who has always stood by my side like a real good friend. He is quite supportive. This is not just about him, but am blessed to have few more friends too who have supported me one way or the other. Livewire has been a very good friend towards me. Though we have had war of words quite often but then he has always been nice. He has taught me a lot of things here. Driftking has also been a very good friend and possibly almost every staff member and then many regular users too. I just can not mention every name here but you all have helped me unknowingly, in my endeavour. I just want to say one thing that Dazzle belongs to rockchat. I Love RockChat and I am sure RockChat loves Dazzle Too :)

10 03 13 - 09:32:43


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- DaZzLE

I am keeping my promise. I will continue to keep comming. I stand by my words, Rockchat has taught me a lot. Rockchat introduced me to the World outside my small world n for that i shall alwaz remain thankful.

05 03 16-22:54:13

- livEwirE

Well I Miss Those Words War...Hope Soon We Will Be Involved In A New One...All I Can Say That...It Felt Good While Reading This Blog !!:)

31 03 13-14:06:09

- AtHLeTe

Ur ryt n have writen wonderful this place is a stress reliver even if ur juss silent u get happy readn blogs n watchn pple chat (bravo)

11 03 13-02:07:32

- creed

The enigma called dazzle speaks and she speaks so well (wink). Thanks for all the supportive words. And yes - RC is always yours :)

10 03 13-22:01:48


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