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Im told after tomorrow the 6th April ill feel better..i dont think so.... by: lily_scene

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So its almost here the day im dreading,everyone keeps telling me...your gonna feel better after the funeral Lily...what a load of bullshit how can a piece of religious crap and the burning of her beautiful body make me feel better,i think it will do the opposite, if its possible for me to feel even more alone and desperate it will,but i guess im not the first person to feel like this maybe im just not as strong as i thought i was,i cant seem to be able to talk to anyone about how i feel nearest i get to talking about it is writing these pathetic blogs i keep making hopefully no one actually reads them anyway.........sayonara

05 04 13 - 06:01:47


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Im told after tomorrow the 6th April ill feel better..i dont think so.... : Recent Comments

- Nav33d

So sorry to know that u lost someone special. I know you are right. Every time someone we love dies we do loose a piece of us. But that\'s what life is all about. We just gotto move on. And ur right again no one can understand how you feel. There\'s soo much frustration that we cannot express ourselves. But we gotto accept the reality and there\'s no shame in sharing our regrets even if no one understands it. Thx for sharing. I really liked ur blog. :)

13 08 15-01:46:33

- hiya

its a real loss which anyone experiences n never forgets byt yes tym has it\'s own way of healing all pains n sorrows !!

02 02 14-09:10:11

- jan21mar

People often think after burial we will feel better,everything wl be okay as if we dont lose the person we love.f they nly knw aftr burial pain starts getting deeper.we r in state of denial.:(

03 10 13-19:44:47

- Calypso

Keeping things bottled in will be a torture. Speak your heart out, speak as if there is no tomorrow. There will always be people who will listen to you. (hug) I know, it is easier said than done, but be you.

23 09 13-14:27:37

- ZeRo

Let God help her rest in Peace where ever she would be...Love her with all ur heart always...Like u always did..She is always there with U...and keep talking and writing Lily...loose ur heart out..we are here to hear U and listen U...Take care

06 04 13-19:04:13

- ZeRo

At this moment it wud be difficult for u to accept it..but keep trying..take ur time..Have faith in life and Love and relations..U will become like before again soon...

06 04 13-19:01:06

- ZeRo

They take a different form which we are unaware of...some different dimension from which they watch us and care for us..Their love always stays with us

06 04 13-18:45:56

- ZeRo

We stand by ur side and I for the instance believe that our loved ones never leave our side

06 04 13-18:35:39

- ZeRo

Daniel as expressed very well...Nothing is stupid in writing your heart out..The pain must be that our departed beloved family member rests in peace in our memories

06 04 13-18:34:40

- ZeRo

Its just that we believe that the mere form of mortality our bodies are what we are..infact its not..We live in ppls memories after we dicard our memories

06 04 13-18:33:15

- ZeRo

well Lily....Losing a loved one is most painful experience as u r not going to see them again..But our memory keeps them alive in our heart and mind..

06 04 13-18:26:10


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