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I went to the reservation counter in a railway station. Fed up by seeing the long QUE. Huh what I can do? I must stand in that line. And I filled the form and staring around my surroundings. Huhh even no single girl was there :p . im talking in my heart, ‘arey yaar India mein population ithna hai magar yaha ek ladki bhi ni kya time hein mera’ I think every boy will think like that.
Im getting my chance to booK ticket only 4more passengers infront of me. And suddenly a woman ran near to the window and gave form to the clerk, all r shouting to go and come in a line. Some mini wwe happened for a while. Atlast every body became silent and she done her reservation and went away, kya country hai yaar ek side rules ke bathe karthe aur usko hi thodthe. My fellow passenger told me that we will not develop my friend if we were like this. I simply gave him a smile.
Later I observed that co passenger counting his money and writing on the note, and the clerk also writing on the note. Desh ki bare mein aur janatha ke bare mein lecture dethe ye log, but they don’t know how to respect the currency. Simple commonsense!
Some will do four or five folds, some will write addresses and youth we are little speacial we wil write phone numbers or love letters on that note. I heard that in other countries a small ink on note makes that value zero.even a small fold is not allowed. Y cant we respect our currency, from morning to midnite from Kashmir to kanyaumari, from a child to old all are working hard in hotSUN,rain,and cold for that rupee. So..PLEASE RESPECT THAT RUPEE THERE BY U CAN RESPECT UR HARDWORK AND SWEAT

16 04 13 - 11:36:30


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Respect Your Money : Recent Comments

- sboy

its india my frnd. here grl cant stand in line because they already conforum their reservation by online process. nw its digital india dude :p

01 04 15-10:02:31

- meera20

india wale kis ke respect karna jante hai jo currency ke respect karege. kay wo law ke road rules ke desh ke saheedo ke respect kar na jante hai yeh country nahi uncivilsed logo ka group hai

07 06 14-21:31:54

- Arnikoo

(lovebirds2) nice blog.. but every one r not the same..many of respect ..

27 03 14-22:41:48

- AssasIn-X

Wish that everybody followw dis but let\'s see how many disciplined Indians follow dis stuff

16 04 13-17:45:11

- DrEamYgaL

Badhiya likha(smile) but ye india hai:p it happndz 0nly in india:p

16 04 13-17:40:42

- AmaNdo_

Yeah in india there will be lots of writings on mOney with inks! We dnt respect the value of it just coz we think whatever we do its correct

16 04 13-17:21:22

- darlling

mama bcause this is india so no respect to currency but i give respect to india n ghandhiji (hehe) nice blog (grin2)

16 04 13-17:16:20

- creed

Indians have no regard for discipline that is the only inevitable truth.

16 04 13-17:08:17

- Raptur3

hey drama dat was something different :p well done yaar :)

16 04 13-14:15:13

- RuDeDude

wow dreamy u have also gud brain(hehe) just kidding its awesome. if u find a gal there wat wil u do?(gr) any ways nice inspirational mesage. il respect my work(tup)

16 04 13-12:55:42


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