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Random Thoughts-Love makes everyday a Valentines Day by: ZeRo

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Saturday Nights are usually very less crowdy if U r travelling and U r at Mumbai..It was almost 10 and I was stuck at my workplace due to Financial year ending activities...I wrapped myself up and left for the day..As i stepped out, I could see many creatures outside, except my own species...I was deadly tired and frustrated. To top it the barking dogs and car horns sounded so cacaphonous like doing rounds of satire on my pity...Anyways I light a fag and proceeded to catch an auto..and reached the station..No sooner had i reached, the train was ready to go..I reached Thane station..Usually I travel by a Cab or an auto..But since it was less crowdy I thought of taking a TMT bus...I took the bus for my destination...The bus was indeed less crowdy only 15 odd people...all sitting alone..I could not help but noticed an elderly couple sitting 2 seats ahead in the opposite row..They were holding each others hand..Uncle was very old and weak and there were more wrinkles in his face than hairs on his head..Holding a stick in one hand he was trembling..Aunty started opening a pack of chips and was feeding uncle who was reluctant to the hand feed from aunty but eventually gave in with a hysterical stare from Aunty..It was amazing to watch them..So much in love at this age..Aunty was also weak and had also lost her hairs..which is rare as I hardly saw woman with baldness..Both neither had looks to die for yet they seemed so much in love that it was so charming and enjoyable to watch...Aunty kept on pushing the chips to uncles mouth and also eating herself...Uncle would look here and there and slip in a piece of chips to auntys mouth if they were loving secretly..Well secret love stories has its own charm...I was engrossed in their love display when suddenly aunty stood up and moved to get down..But did not help uncle this time..nor uncle did any effort to get up..Aunty held uncles hand for a moment and said Happy Valentines Day and got down..I was stunned shocked and confused..Firstly It wasnt Valentines day..secondly why did aunty got down from bus leaving uncle alone in trembling state..I was still confused when my stop arrived..I saw uncle also getting up this time..Me,Uncle and a few others got down..I was crossing the road and I saw uncle struggling to cross over so I took his hand without his consent and helped him cross the road...Once on the other side..Uncle caressed my head..and I vowed and smile...I hesitantly asked...Uncle dont mind but I wanted to ask..Why did aunty got down leaving u alone and why did she say Valentines day..Dont u know its on 14th Feb and today is 30th March..He looked at me in a dismay and then smiled briefly and said..: i dunno..i dont share my secrets with anyone..but felt like telling it to someone for ages and since U have asked lemme tell U...She is not my wife..As soon as he said that I was awestruck..n I thought :-not wife then what?-...He said..U must be thinking not wife then what...I scratched my head and thought..did i think that loud..hehe.He said I am a Cancer Patient...Last month on 14th Feb I had a chemo..where this girl..I mean woman was also taking a chemo session...after that session we spoke with each other...I m a widower for 23 yrs now and she is also a widow for the last 3yrs..We both are in later stages of Cancer from which we cannot recover...Lonliness brought us together...We get our Chemos done together and catch up everyday...Not much to live...I have less than a year and she would probably live a little Longer...My children are settled abroad and I would not like to bother them now.I have a caretaker who takes care of me...She has retired as a lecturer last year and also has a family..We have not disclosed anything about us to our Family as its not nice nor will they be able to understand...He sighed...and took a deep breath..and said:I used to only live earlier..Now with her in my life, I feel I am alive..I Just wish that I had more time..No regrets..from that day onwards till the day we meet...we celebrate and wish each other Happy Valentines day..and he smiled..I noticed that he just had one frontal tooth smile...all his other teeths had fallen off..But his smile had more promise of life than any other thing in this world...I was awestruck and dumbfounded after hearing his side of the story...He caressed my head and made a way to leave..I asked shall I take you to your home...He replied: No Son...from here on I will take my way..God Bless...i did not know what more to do...I just thought...what an amazing thing is Love..Can touch u at any moment of your life...Can make you believe in life...If your life is bereft of love its useless...Lucky are those who have love in their life...any form of love..Just value it...As I watched..slowly the night engulfed the figure of Uncle in its Darkness and I was left stranded with a craving for love...Where is my life..questions..and chaos..where is my love?I took a ciggeratte out from my case and light it...As i blow the smoke into the air..I patted my own head and said: dont search back in ur past...There is only debris and U cannot build a life in it but a ramshackle...Gosh Sammy!!U r in enough pain allready...

19 04 13 - 11:42:01


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Random Thoughts-Love makes everyday a Valentines Day : Recent Comments


Wow, this is amazing & so true... Very beautifully written.. I am so touched... So love still exists... Love has no age, no can happen anytime beautiful.. I loved it Sammy... Well done..

18 03 20-07:51:36

- Crepe

What I love about your writings is being decriptive. You have that kind of power to establish scenes in your writing like a movie, like novels do. So heartwarming blog. (bunnylove)

25 07 17-07:31:13

- MortalMan

You have really a creative mind bro. You can make even a small incident into a movie by pen.

22 11 15-22:24:36

- Oasis

U wrote everything in detail ...keen observation...Every detail ..every reaction...Of course story is emotional but with these detailed this it reached on highest height

10 03 15-22:20:23

- charmingguy

sammy..incredible narration , feel and so touchy yarr...what to say...i thoroughly enjoyed line by line..keep it up bro

16 11 13-21:47:44

- Helohelo

Wow it is these kind of days that make life worthwhile. Thanks for sharing and keep on sharing.

22 10 13-09:55:53

- Calypso

Yes, love can touch you at any moment in life, like you said. Love is unpredictable. Such a beautiful blog you have written. (pat)

25 08 13-17:12:06

- CrAzyJeSsi

Sabne itna tarif kar diya toh main kya bolu writerji:p....bahut accha likha hai(girlclap)

23 04 13-22:54:51

- bellissa

(claps) ─▒ts really gud my bad boy (pillowfight1)

22 04 13-00:48:19

- DynamiC

Amazingly Written ! n I Think ItZz Enough To Convey The Message That You Have Inside(smile) !! Kudos !!!

21 04 13-18:36:14

- DaZzLE

Itz simply amazing. . Awestruck I m. Very well drafted. Three claps :-)

21 04 13-13:34:48

- XiNNiA

Finally I get a taste of ur ingenious writing Sammy,thats a superb narration n a spellbinding story which together make a killer combo ! need I say anything more ? :) keep us posted for now u cant stop ! :)

21 04 13-03:56:14

- tina20

(girlclap) nice 1 samy keep it its real love story na :p

20 04 13-17:41:48

- LacyBella

Aww. what a beautiful story. it kinda gives you hope that there is true love and it will happen to you some days. excellent story, beautifully written. well done Sammy.

20 04 13-13:10:36

- NitEsH_

wot to write, totally(zipped)but, after reading full story(faint):p

20 04 13-12:20:05

- TrOuBlE_MaKeR

oh nice story sammy bro (clapclap) very touching

20 04 13-09:12:40

- NisHiKa

Speechless. do i need to write more?

19 04 13-23:32:49

- narayana

Hmm Good and very lengthly love story. keep rocking sammy bro :)

19 04 13-18:47:59

- Raptur3

Wow now dats wat I cal something mind blowing. Good work sammy :)

19 04 13-18:39:40

- nora

niice and touchy story sammy :)
hope i will get that love like those grannies (grandma) (haha)

19 04 13-12:46:29

- jan21mar

really amazing!great love story.and the way u write it,it was really nice,i cn see the picture in my mind whle rding ya blog .

19 04 13-12:30:47

- JiTHiN

Wow superb.its really a touching love story of aunt& has no age and barrier.good work bro. And keep(smoker)

19 04 13-12:12:51

- DrEamYgaL

Love cn happn anytime,,, really a t0uching 0ne sammy,, ajkal k y0ungstrz ko sikhna chahiye

19 04 13-12:01:19

- G0D-f4tH3R

(oh) Sumit BrO, are u all right????? Wen u got This habbit To write:p NiCe Written BrO

19 04 13-11:54:55


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