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What is a true love by: stallin

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Some people think love is just talking kind, warm and cute words to each other, love is just telling “I love you”, is just being together and having fun. But in my view its different and love is hard. So what the true love meant to be? It’s caring of someone you love, being with him when he needs your help, doing everything to protect and look after friends say what you feel about love:p

24 04 13 - 01:05:12


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What is a true love : Recent Comments

- HILL17

Love is caring for each other even they are far away from each other. Love is sharing feelings with each other even it is happy or sad. Love is one of the beautiest thing in the world, which was created when adam and eve was born and still evolving and living.

24 12 17-06:09:37

- Resilient

Love is like black and white. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright. Its a combination of happiness and loneliness.

19 08 16-10:36:59

- enet

Evryone comment ds blog. . .anyone think abt which love s true love? Is it parent and children love?/boy and gal love?/friends love?. . .u knw frnds. . .noone cn dfine true love. . .one day the world cms 2 end but true love nvr end its 4evr. . .

20 11 15-20:53:36

- itzzme1

only feeling that gives a form to life...:) a meaning to comes only with true love...:)

23 11 14-19:08:05

- horee

love is just loving ur lover nthng more .if u love ur lover u will b honest with him/her u will take care of him/her n u will accept his/her all decisions n U will be always with him/ keep contineu loving ur lover(heart)

08 03 14-18:33:07

- happy4all

its dipen on the their has maximum difination in this world. but one thing is true that love is a heaven feel which make us happy,which inspire us :) as like the word beautiful.. we can not explain love,just we can feel it :)

04 03 14-11:41:48

- cool_princess

love is all about care and love its not necessary to be with each other.true love is u love each other even if u won\'t be live with each other

02 02 14-00:30:45

- ikay

love is powerful and demanding its eigther u live up ur lyf or it can killing u so softly

21 09 13-08:41:39

- xavier

true love is the deepest commitment one can give another (:

15 09 13-23:42:25

- Trish_

love seems a simple word but it has a very different meaning.I lUV U anyone can say its too easy but how many can complete its meaning without using any dictionary!!!

12 09 13-00:17:50

- Gold_Prince

love is undefined feeling yar..dat feeling awesome when v feel their lov..arguments r explanations r no need in true lov.they vl understand eachother by their own.ther is care n sensitive feelings abt eachother everytime:)

28 08 13-15:07:22

- miley

Love is nothing it just break u down, burn u n end u n leave u wid ruins....

15 05 13-14:58:10

- veer

love is something which no one can describe it in any ways....its just a true feeling from inside which makes life to be called as life....

26 04 13-17:18:10

- ramya9

Love is such a gud feeling...evn if ur loved ones r nt wit u..jst remembring thm..thr words...wil make u happy...thts love.. nt expecting anything bt always ready to give unconditiinaly...

25 04 13-12:59:43

- aAshIkA

love has nthng to do wit wht ur expecting to get...only wit wht u r expecting to give ...wht is evrythng .... Luv can change a person!!!! U shuldnt fall in luv u should grow up in luv:)(love) bcz if u fall in luv it ll brk n if u grow up in luv u ll

25 04 13-09:50:44

- madhu1

LOVE mks lif worth living n a litl easy going.It gvs u d magic of bein simpl yet beutifl.It gvs d power of bein honest to ur lovd ones.Lov is carng,sharn,undrstandn n adjustn.It is also fightng vd ur lovd ones stil being together vd a smile on each o

24 04 13-17:43:52

- nelia

love is not fun love is to care to sharish and understand each other

24 04 13-14:09:40


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