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Online Lover Exist? by: arrah48

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Internet is a fast and process economy in the world. As it grows wide and been upgraded well, it becomes the most accessive way in communicating different people in the world. And now there are lots of online lovers, do they end happily ever after? In the internet world everything is possible, even falling inlove.
I am a pc addict, 24/7 7 days a week infront of the pc. I wonder if online lovers do exist, untill it hits me.
September 12 2009, 9pm in the evening. I was playing my favorite online game, and a friend of mine in that game court me. At first I felt it so awkward having a relationship online, until I tried. Everyday was an exciting and magical moments, and I\'m inlove. After a few days of sweetness we decide to see each other personally. I was so excited by the time we\'re about to meet each other in the real world. We met each other and talked random stuffs, until I found out his already married. Yes, his already married. After that scene I never see him in real and in game. Not all goes well.

04 05 13 - 10:29:04


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Online Lover Exist? : Recent Comments

- simplechick

Online lovers.. yeah they do exist, the problem is not everyone of us are being truthful/honest specially in chatrooms.. in here we can be whoever we want to be, im not generalizing tho..
But think love still exist and find its way even in cyber world..
Just my 2 cents tho..

18 08 17-16:00:18

- fida

Most people lie about stuff in wap , meeting them is fyn but gotta trust first , wen u meet the person feels then u gotta no the truth , atleast he was honest but lesson learnt dnt fall in luv over wap

03 06 16-22:41:35

- Bushra

Nothing sad about it i guess:) Move ahead and see if there are people only could be best friends!

20 12 15-16:11:15

- GrimmReaper12

omg...sooo relate bout a chat addict too and i met na some of them...most of them are damn liers ugly people when it comes to attitude...irresponsible bitches lil demon:)if only it is legal to kill..ill kill them allXDmost of the guys are flirties:)they inborn on saying beautiful things on grl just to be with them and make fall inlove.saying promises:)and in the end...they will left it like a garbage:)but honestly...i witness in my own eyes it possible that there is a happily ever after in a internet world..2lovebirds had been married in realife..but i iknow its rarely happen:)im talking bout my friends..internet friends they r both happily married na with beautiful kids:)because i am the one whom prepared their weddings:)

05 10 15-08:33:08

- iiShemurRii

Ouch that\'s kinda out of line :(

03 09 14-11:57:58

- charmingguy

Real reel virtual there will be difference...what to do

22 11 13-16:57:05

- HriTiK

Y r u sad?
Were u going to marry wid him if he was not?

01 10 13-21:01:16

- kira

oww its so bad to her that... :( huhuhu

04 05 13-22:35:55


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