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I love you Mom, Please hear me say.. by: AthenA

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Mom, i am so blessed for giving me a
chance to see the world..
And i cant imagine the sacrifices you
made in the nine months you carrying
me in your womb, and how pain
you\'ve got when i was born...
Your hands is my light,
everytime i cried you always there
beside me to comfort..
You can\'t sleep staring and caring at
me, and in making my milk the whole
night long...
And in the morning you always makes
me smile and makes me happy by your
Time run fast, i set you aside, you never
let me free in whatever i want, and you
are my enemy everytime i crossed the
You words is irritating me most, the
more you want me closer to you, the more i want to be far away from you..
Nothing in my mind but to have fun
and enjoy my life with my own without
And Now, i grew older..
I now understand everything what
you\'ve done to me before, and i now
understand how you feel everytime i
ignoring your care...
How fooled i am..
Now, i know that everything you\'ve
done for me is for the sake of me, for
my goodness, to be a good human, to
be a well being and to be a better me as
what i am now...
I know even i became bad sometimes
and even i lost my way.. You still there
the only one who understand me with
open arms, and you still there never
tired to find me and bring me home...
Mom, saying sorry is not enough for me
to repay for your love..
But to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and
showing to you how much i care is all
you wanted from me...
Thank you so much mom, for your unending demonstration of love and
But God take you home now,
Your love is the greatest love of all,
I know it\'s to late, but...
I love you Mom, Please hear me say.
- janet

09 05 13 - 04:28:11


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I love you Mom, Please hear me say.. : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog ... Parents are blessing of GOD having great feeling while reading it keep it up

11 04 17-17:00:26

- BanG_BanG

any thing in this world cannot take place of mom. Maa k charno me swarg hota h.. a very true line. Never make your mom cry.

11 02 17-17:57:42

- kish21Royal

In a child\'s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.

28 05 16-15:07:27

- AIM-Locus

Really lovable blog. One must truly feel blessed that god gifted us with mother.

15 06 14-11:26:27

- blasee

nice...nd very real one can take the place of mom...

12 09 13-02:40:57

- livEwirE

One Love To Mothers Pride...Its Good To See This Blog On Mothers Day !!:)

09 05 13-17:09:08

- AthenA

Happy mothers day to our mom, and all moms...

09 05 13-16:45:31


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