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I hate myself,i woke up wide awake,n my room,staring at d ceiling,i blame myself felt m dying...Dont knw wat i feel...Dont knw wat to say...dont knw u thnkd of me?coz everytym i thnk of u,its killing me inside,m dead...knwing that i cnt be saved,the loneliness without u,i dnt knw wat to do,i wish you knw,i hate myself losing u,what do u say,when everythng u said,hurt me so mch,...jst alwys crying n pain...i wnt to b brave,i dnt let any1 cn hurt m only human... I HATE MYSELF,COZ I FEEL PAIN.. (sadcry)

20 05 13 - 07:07:39


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I HATE MYSELF : Recent Comments

- Helohelo

i knw the feeling. Felt it for just too long it has bcom numb. Just move on

27 09 15-20:46:20

- Malicious_kitty

Same feeling..
Cuz d one i love.. Loves sm1 else...
I smile n wish him luck to go ask her out but at d same time i m dyin inside...

26 04 15-20:25:24

- mitchee

awww man that is the end of life there many reason to have a happy,contended life w/great love.. dont loose hope sooner everything will be alright.. for you.. just continue to love.. time wound heal...cheer up man..(tup)

07 02 15-06:10:19

- reva

I also feel the same.. Hating myself .. I feel pain nd hurt.. I am alone without him.. Cried a lot crying a lot..want to live with him till my death.. God also hate me thats y didn\'t stopped him to leave me in pain

22 01 14-00:00:43

- explosive

man that\'s great those words can make a gal in tight pants go wild.

14 11 13-12:45:00

- FoREVer_Alone

I feel u. i wake up every day like that....its not plesant....but to know god loves me is enough to help me through the day

21 05 13-09:46:56

- inari

awww don\'t blame yourself... talk to the person who made you hate yourself and makes things clear? dont cry dear everything will be alright... :)

20 05 13-20:42:54


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