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DOWRY by: AthenA

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If we look back, this word \"Dowry\" it happens in ancient history, but believe it or not this is still happening now a days...
Dowry deeply rooted from India on which Indian women have to give money or precious gifts for their future husband.
In modern term, it sounds like you can buy a man anytime on there for you to marry with.
A tradition that government allowed since ages. A tradition that makes Indian women suffer because of bidding or auctions to have the man you love, and to provide whatever in-laws demand..
How evil this tradition anyway?
If you were an Indian women and your family can\'t afford for your marriage in the future, your parents will pushes you and force you to get work at a very young age for to you save and help them for your dowry.
Instead of sending you to school, they\'ll send you to work. For the reason that once you got married your husband will provide your needs. So, better to work and prepare for your dowry.
They steal your happiness, your rights, and you stages in life as a girl. As you have to follow this system.
Most of the part in India, in a family when a girl was born they called it a curse, unluck, or unfortunate.
Because they have to offer dowry when she grow up...
They don\'t give value the right of girls, so it doesn\'t matter to them to torture them, abuse them, and kill them.
And just because of this system they are finding ways to get rid of girls in the family to avoid the dowry.
Some way is abortion, when they know that they are having a girl, they\'re killing it before it born.
Other way is, when they born a baby girl they starve her \'till death, or throw her to a bin alive..
For the human rights, and women\'s rights this stem must be stop. We are not born yesterday to continue allowing this kind of tradition. A lot of intelligent law makers in India, why they still implement this system?.. Indian women, mothers, sister, and you, wake up!..
We all know that for humanity, this system has no good benefits at all..
~~ Janet

26 05 13 - 01:02:19


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DOWRY : Recent Comments

- Onelife29

Sabhi aadrniya mahilao se nivedan hai ki agar abhi aap bahu ya beti ho to yahi lesson saas banne tak rakhna.

26 05 18-08:02:35

- Onelife29

Check any dowry case without mother in law or sister in law. Its same person only their side got changed.

26 05 18-08:00:58

- Onelife29

No one can deny the fact that dowry is more encouraged by women insteed of men.

26 05 18-07:59:14

- sillynikki

I didnt know about this Indian form of Dowry. I know it was common among aristocrats in England waaay back when. But this was when all noble women where basically socialites and homemakers. Throughout their marriage they would not earn an income or make a financial contribution to their household. Obviously, this is no longer applicable.
But in some African cultures, the man pays for the woman\'s family because he is taking away their daughter. If Im not mistaken, for Muslims the groom also pays the bride a dowry but she keeps it for herself. That said, in these two instances where the bride or her family
receives a dowry, the brides family is also required to foot the bill for the wedding...which is sometimes a week long event!!!
Who pays for the wedding in Indian culture?
Either way, I dont like it. Marriage shouldnt be about money. But I guess thats just the way the world works.

29 04 15-23:40:32

- buenificent

true! nice blog sis...full of knowledge...

04 11 14-09:14:25


so touching my God how can a girl child go though all this in life,the youth should far against it,in africa is a man who pay our dowry nd provide for is wife nd family if the woman wants to assist her husband she is free to do so but most of our men

08 06 14-03:40:44

- Arnikoo

i think its bad..noone should take dowary..

31 03 14-11:10:56

- Arnikoo

i think its one one should take dowary..

31 03 14-11:10:33

- NisHiKa

Livey s right Athena sis.
Woman give dowry and get enslaved in a relationship called marriage. Woman are bought but no money is paid. Instead dowry is taken.

24 02 14-10:21:49

- blasee

well dowry is demanded mostly by mother in law....nd the sons don\'t protest as they are benefited...even educated people demand dowry...the more the qualifications the more dowry can only be stopped by youths ..they should protest their famil

12 09 13-02:36:36

- pipi

In africa its the man who pays the dowry so women dont have to work for their dowry and still the man will provide for her

29 08 13-02:18:18

- livEwirE

No I Am Saying It Was Wrong, I Am Saying The Same Thing With A Different Opinion @ AthenA !:)

26 05 13-18:03:49

- AthenA

You mean, my researched, interviewed and gathering information was wrong?... That\'s strange.. @livey

26 05 13-17:40:22

- livEwirE

Its Not That Woman Can Buy A Man Here, Fact Is Like Women Are Being Sold With The Dowry !

26 05 13-17:34:58


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