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Just Hug Your Dad by: Maya_

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There are days it feels like it happened yesterday.
Some days you move through life unburdened by it. Other days it cuts you to the core and the memories are strong.
Am grateful to those memories!!!
I remember him teaching how to play chess
I remember the nights lying down on the terrace ..looking at the stars together
I remember him helping my mom in making Paratha
I remember him always trying to make me laugh
I remember him teaching how to write Arabic letters from right to left
I remember him getting excited when he see lil kids
I remember Him chuckling and say *your prince Charming ..I will pray for whoever marries you ..who is willing to suffer :p *
I remember all the calls to him ended up saying *Am.waiting for u Daddy come back soon I want to see you ..please ...*
I remember bugging my mom with questions like *when will he come?* ,* why can\'t I speak to him Daily * ..
And even Now ..whenever I see aeroplane flying n the Sky...I use to think *come back soon Dad* !
Never It going to happen tho !!
Still plentiful memories to mention !!!
My Dad taught me to live life without regrets!I hope oneday wen I look back my life, I honestly say I have None!
So for u all who have dads around them.give them hug (hug) nd appreciate them! Lets stuff go!Take pleasure in little things!you wiil b grateful!:)
Enjoy this special day nd wish him in this Fathers day And Feel How BLEESED u r :)

16 06 13 - 09:13:02


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Just Hug Your Dad : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

M reading this blog again and my eyes are full of tears all i can say please love your parents respect them when they\'ll not with you you may understand my worlds and feelings please ..

19 06 17-23:45:32

- aditya

Happy Fathers Day Dewdrop... Hmmm... I havnt been that close to my Dad.... but I have very fond memories with my Dad... n the life lessons of my dad always push me harder to do something in life... never ever forget the lessons that u hav learnt from an experienced person n especially if that is ur DAD... :) keep

19 06 17-00:09:56

- JusTaGuy

He was such a cool dad everyone wishes they had. I know it\'s a loss but he really taught you many things during his life span and it gives a hint about his influential personality.May his soul rest in peace. Happy Fathers day to you too (hug)

18 06 17-14:23:14

- TechnO-tAndaV

I know u cant stop writing the memories tats comes flashing into ur head..... Hail father\'s day... He may always watching u

18 06 17-13:27:22

- Doll_mandy

Girls LL alwys remain their daddy\'s little girl. Parents take care of us without any demand need and expectations. Nice blog

10 05 17-23:03:13

- MuzdalifaH

Ahhhhhh i wish i would i just .... Its brings tear i my eyes i ...... Speechless

10 04 17-11:29:29

- MK__

I got nothing to say. You just made me speechless! Happy Fathers day!

19 06 16-20:14:04

- Pi-RAtE

Yeah sis well said. Dad s one who s the best teacher for us :)
Our living experience of life. My dad thought me more . hugs to my sweet dad (hug)

15 06 14-22:50:05

- kelly

maya d pain goes away after some time has passed, i also lost my mom & i think its almost d same pain u would feel, all u got 2 do is stay strong, make him proud & thank god 4 blessing u wit d time u had wit him (bighug) feel better sis

15 06 14-21:59:51

- VoL_CaNo

Happy fathers day mahi n al othr mates...:)

15 06 14-12:24:19

- raj_im

Oh sister what a story it was,really im crying and from today onwards I love my daughter more than normal because wat actually daughter needs u have written in this blog thanks maya

05 01 14-12:35:29

- kelly

(crycry) hmm i understand u, my dad makes me so angry at times but he tryed his best when mom passed, ok am gona try wit him, thanks great blog (clap)

19 10 13-05:25:47

- HriTiK

just a word..
I can\'t :(
I wish I did..
just have a few memories of past

13 10 13-20:40:50

- devdude

No words ! mahina ! am vry sry ! feeling ur words , feeling ur blog , feeling u ! Sry for my lol words!

16 06 13-22:16:08

- sega

really getting tears while reading this blog abt ur dad mahi.. plz dont worry. u wil get him as ur child holding ur hands. wait for that lovely moment(hug) its true..

16 06 13-22:04:07

- Dreamguy

Awww sweety (hug) im very depresed by ur blog. U made me lil emotional, cant say anythng i just wana tel u, make ur mom happily and it makes ur dad happy wherever he was(hug)

16 06 13-21:36:24


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