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HoW To GeT OveR PeoplE WhO DonT CarE! by: Raptur3

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Ever Felt Like ^Why Doesnt He Love Me The Way I Love Him? ^ Then This Blog Is Dedicated To You! I Could See Many People Who Love Their Partner With All Their Heart And Soul But All They Get Back Is The Pain Caused By Rejection. Why Not Get Over Them And Move On? I Understand Its Pretty Difficult, But You Have To Let It Go If Its Not Meant For You! I Had Used The Words ^Him^ Throughout Dis Blog For The Ease Of Writing, Though It May Be Replaced By ^Her^ As Well.
So You Have Been In Love With Him And Thought He Loves You Too? And Now You Realize Dat You Were Wrong? Then Its Time To Stop Wasting Your Precious Time And Tears On A Guy Who Dont Even Know How You Feel For Him. Try To Move On And Never Find Reasons To Stick On To Dat Relationship, Hoping Dat He Would Come Back Again. Coz If He Has Not Cared For You When You Were With Him, Then He Is Definitely Not Gonna Care If You Leave. Do Not Behave As If He Is The Last Guy Left In This Whole World. There Are Better Ones Too. Just Give Them A Chance To Love You And Live For You. Who Knows, They Might Make Your Days Worth Living. And For Sure, You Are Gonna Thank Your Ex One Day For Letting You Go.
Remember You Are Not A Toy But A Living Being With Emotions And Desires. He Is Neither A Kid Who Was Once Very Fond Of You But Got Bored With You Now. Love Is Supposed To Become Strong As It Grows Old, Not Boring. Its Him Who Changed His Mind And Not You. Do You Wanna Live With Such A Person Who Is Not Even Sure About What He Likes And Dislikes? Do You Wanna Love A Guy Who Makes You Cry Rather Than Giving You Smile? I Bet You Dont! Stay Away From His As Far As You Can For Some Time. That May Give Him Time To Realize His Mistakes And Act On Them. And Even If He Doesnt, Dont Worry. You Have By Then Got Used To Be Without Him.
Try To Spend Some Good Time With Your Friends And Family. Never Sit Alone Thinking About Him. Even If You Do, Then Just Think About His Negatives And How Badly He Had Hurt You Every Time You Wanted Him. Try Finding Out Faults In Whatever He Did When You Both Were Together, Which Once Made You Feel That He Loved You. Delete His Contact So That You Are Not Tempted To Text Him And You Have Time To Think Over It Again Till You Enter The Number By Yourself. Burn The Gifts, Cards And Photographs He Gave You, If Any. Get Involved In Your Favourite Hobbies And Hangout With Friends.
You Never Know When You Will Have To Cross Paths With Him In Your Life. So Be Prepared To Face Him Anytime With Confidence And A Smile On Your Face. Never Be Rude Or Harsh To Him Or It Would Let Him Understand Dat You Still Have Feelings For Him. Be Good To His Friends But Not To Him. Answer His Questions Only To The Point And Be The First To Say Bye And Leave. Act As If You Are Busy Even If You Are Not. Do Not Make Eye Contact With Him Unless You Can Hide Your True Emotions. Make Him Believe Dat You Dont Give A Damn To What He Did To You. But Do Not Get Caught!
And If At All He Comes Back To You One Day, Saying Dat He Missed You And Want You Back, Be Sure To Verify Dat He Misses You And Not Your Favours. Remember The Times When You Did Everything Dat He Likes And Gave Up Your Wishes For His Sake And All Dat You Got In Return Was Not Just Dis Question ^Did I Ask You To Do Dat?^ People Say Dat We Realize The Value Of Our Loved Ones Only After They Leave Us. But I Dont Believe Its True. People Dont Miss You, They Miss The Way You Did Everything To Please Them And The Way You Kept Begging For Their Love Which Made Them Feel Special. So Dont Get Fooled Once Again Such Dat Neither Dis Blog Nor Anyone Can Help You Out! Love Yourself And Let Others Love You Too! Take Care!

17 06 13 - 07:34:15


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HoW To GeT OveR PeoplE WhO DonT CarE! : Recent Comments


Very true... But when once in love especially v girls , it\'s next to impossible to moved on like dis but ya it\'s d worst thing if a girl waste her time on such guys:)

16 08 17-12:17:30

- ALOhA06

yes thats ture love your self and respect your self..dont go after a guy who aint value your love..give that love that deserve it...if he doens\'t care then..walk away..cald respect for your juz hurtin yourself while that guy juz foolin ya round..spread your wings..

17 11 16-04:56:13

- ALOhA06

thata so nice..and its your self..and respect your first before you respect them..sum guys they just there for ya coz you do waht they wnat..if your not agree then byee..thats how it iz..they think womens juz for that..they dont think we are human to..we ahve emotions that we care..we love,,if tahts happends to come bck to ya!(kick)them,,(lolz)we are not the thing for there sperm disposal..were the special one living in these earth,,i knew a few here they dont care bout our feelings..but theres someone to that nice and true..i lov it..its so nice..thnx

31 10 16-07:23:19


(thumbup) Nice blog. It basically summarized my previous relationship. I shouldve read this earlier then I wouldnt have wasted so much time and heartache.

07 01 16-07:52:30

- Bushra

In my opinion there is nothing such as false person or cheater guys etc, its your falseselection, bad and hasty choice:)
PS: Mistake is equally yours like theirs!

21 12 15-11:14:16

- LuCk ME

Same I told a girl i like, but she is stubborn, she dont understaand, i love her so much, but she is not :(

21 08 15-09:20:01

- Pi-RAtE

Really Nice blog :)Fake Love Truly Falls apart
Dont Love The People who doesnt care fr yu and like you no more
Just Let it go Cos Its Your only life To deal with :)

28 09 14-12:27:02

- NitEsH_

Its like trend : what if ur brother says he dont care for u? U`ll slap him, kick him off nd say : u must. . .

31 08 14-09:24:16

- NisHiKa

Every word is true! You rock Rammu!
What s the use of running after the one who will just use your love like doormat? Go for the one who cherishes your love like a fragile crystal doll.. Not some loser who cant value you..

24 02 14-10:13:52

- PRincEss_WaRriO

Lmao!!! Hahaha siso its really good (thumbsup)

20 01 14-23:15:25

- explosive

This. BLoG if it was to be nominated by the universe.for sure it would have won.we really appreciate its really heart touching.

27 11 13-11:56:02

- imusika

Hope girls will learn from it .. (ayos3) but in love no matter where it goes still you will keep doin it as long as u are still in crazy love :)

03 11 13-15:33:06

- blasee

ramya ...ramya ....its a small taste of experience u had....dat should not make one such negative....the more v hate one the more v think of him....
human love of attraction ...
man to woman ...
its mostly physical....
nd all dat they say it as d

04 10 13-03:07:42

- Gold_Prince

woow vry nice words abt true lov n grt feelings abt heart...amazing speech my frnd(claps)..i hope ur words may change mny minds n feel better now:)

18 08 13-16:08:18

- josh0033

Sis i completely agree with what you have written. but to do this it requires a strong heart. Its quiet difficult to do the same thing what our close1 does with us. His/her heart may be cheating to us but to cheat from pure heart it difficult... .

18 06 13-15:20:33

- sega

very nice blog for all soup boys and soup gals(hehe)

18 06 13-07:32:59

- Dreamguy

If i wrote dis blog i would mention ^her^ becoz same challenge faced by me. Same thoughts same frustration. But eigther him or her al r humans only.whenever who use the common sense they wil lead the life happily.y i said this becoz we r livng in a f

17 06 13-22:25:33

- PrinCE_lEO

Disagree !!!
U said absolutely right that we r not toys as we r human beings & have feelings & emotions .So why we change bf/gf like our clothes .Is it fair ?
Man is mortal but his feelings dont vanishe anytime .Love is life so just wait for hi

17 06 13-22:11:20

- devdude

Nice blog ramya! Bt i will nt fully agree with u! U should replace again tha her with him . And him with her ! Then oly in my view i can acpt this.

17 06 13-22:02:10

- NitEsH_

Fool Humans : Cares for only ONE who always makes them cry! nd dont even think about those hundreds of REST who always tries to make them happy!

17 06 13-20:59:10

- ArMaaN_sInGh

Nice blog ramya realty se bahut log bhagte and chupate he sayad ye blog se sb samjh jaye good work

17 06 13-20:23:50

- livEwirE

Very Nice, I Hope Girls Will Learn From Your Blog & Stop Running After False Guys !:)

17 06 13-20:14:19


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