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Youths of India.. by: ryma

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Since Im working in a field, where I have to face people of different kinds, I really can guess what our society is thinking about anything.. I am very sensative about India & its future since I love my country.. I have given hopes from the politicians of today, but I also know that only Power can bring a change, a big awaited change to India.. Youths is the Power of india right now, but in india, Youths have NO POWER.. We have to praise our YOUNG leaders of 55 yrs of age.. We have to see a 88 yrs old leader wanting desperately to be a Prime Minister.. We have seen all the scams, natural disasters, govt incapability to handle disasters.. where were Youths in that? My dear young Brothers & sisters were not involved in any scam, not involved any sort of controversy.. thats really a god thing.. But my Capable young brothers & sisters were also not involved in any matter which can change the direction of this country.. Youth of our great country is busy in making his or her own career in MNCs.. Youths wants a job of big salary.. when they get it, finished! they act as if they are not answerable to our country.. I saw real power of Young blood at Anna Hajare\'s Janlokpal.. I really wish to see that again.. We, the youths only can change our society.. our Country.. come forward.. add contribution. Instead of sending adult chat request (exception are honoured) here to any girl, do something for our society.. We are much needed there..

24 06 13 - 01:07:13


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Youths of India.. : Recent Comments

- ForestDweller

Gonna changed soon! :) Congress is no more in our India !

05 10 14-21:31:43

+ AIM-Locus

Very directional and meaningful blog miss. Biggest problem is the confused state of mind which youth have over any issue, act or phenomena.

16 07 14-11:14:52

- chinmay

Great..!! keep on igniting the youth for the upliftment of the nation..!

29 06 13-11:08:28

- King_raj

Really i liked ur blog very much, youths have a power to change our Indias bright future Friends Vote Narendra modi

26 06 13-11:18:03

- rawwee

well well well..its give an impression dat speaker is quite emotional. I feel dat forget abt politician ..what is our beaureaucrats doing they are less than 30 and have immense do you think they work dear speaker we need to

24 06 13-16:45:22

- aditya

Very nice N informative blog n 2 da point.... V hav seen Youth eVerytime Standing 4 da Rite n da Wrong ....
But da politician hav alwaz Use der power inordr 2 reduce our voice... As U hav said about janlokpal bill.... 4 wich every1 raisd der Voice

24 06 13-16:22:40


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