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I dont know what to do??? by: Oasis

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This for my Best Friend. ....
He is my best friend..OH NO!!! Closest Friend..
He is very close to my HEART
I even dont remember when....
He became my BEST...
He is very strict and sincere but...
He knows how to bring a smile on my face..
I ask him many silly questions but ...
He always answers me very sincierly...
I tease him mercilessly but ....
He takes every thing casualy...
He is Einstine but.....
when I gave him advises He never thinks they are useless..
I scold him...demand Him...but...
He never tired of me..
S ometime i act like child but..
He cares for me as a Parent..
He has influence on my every decision in my life..
He is very busy man..My BM..but I know .... He always finds some time for Me..
I know He is always there for me when I need someone..
He is my best friend.OH NO!!!..He is my closest friend...
But now I dont know what happened to him..
He is avoiding Me
I asked him but He denied that...
I can feel Heart can feel He is avoding me..
He is treating me like He never ever cared for me...
I never told Him that I realy care for Him..I respect Him..i adore him..How valuable he z to me....
I dont know in this situation ...what to do..?..avoid him too or persue him..
He is My SILENT ..but I cant bear his silence anymore....!!!!

01 09 13 - 03:11:46


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I dont know what to do??? : Recent Comments

- ALOhA06

give him the same treatment...let It flows...sumtimes that silenTness..means..give me a break..(hehe)

11 06 16-06:35:43

- ethan7

I always wonder, why u never said anything at that time dear... I did n do care for you. (hug)

12 03 16-01:26:24

- hlf_blood_princ

If He so care for you and he is avoiding you now.He have definately any problems.Generally Guys whom u called (good may be ) They make pain out of you but sometimes they dont waana tell thier problems so that you dont worry bcuz of his problems.May be he has another problem but definately a problem.
You need to ask him with all care as he sometime done with you.He wont tell in two or three times .may be you need more efforts but if he is loyal to u closest to you..he must tell you all this.Good luck:)

16 04 15-13:10:52

- Castle

well, some ppl will care for you like before but they never show you that. look in his eyes when you talk you will find it out

13 11 14-00:45:58

- love-me

he is nt talking to u bcs may be he wants more care,he wants to be notice by u ,take him away frm the noise...sit sm where in silence.,where u cn see sunset or moonlight....then talk to him calmly...n ask wt u want ...or wt happen ...bst of luck

27 10 13-15:50:55

- Gold_Prince

he is ur closest frnd na.u cn ask him wat is d prblm r abt any mistake u did unknowingly:)sure.if u ask daily he vl giv u answer..all d best:)

02 09 13-04:30:22

- AthenA

Don\'t be paranoid, all the questions in your mind will be answeref when the right time comes. Just respect his silence.

01 09 13-20:01:13

- XiNNiA

Give him some time girl ;) he will get back to u :)

01 09 13-16:07:00


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