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Destiny... by: AthenA

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Life is not always what you make it, is
not always the path you choosed.
Because there are times in your life that
whaterver trying hard you do the
things you want to be,
that whatever trying hard you do the things to make everything\'s alright,
that whatever trying hard you fight for
something to win the victory, yet you
still lose...
Life is not all the time that whatever you
picture would be developed the way that you want to.
Life is not always happen of what you
had planned.
Life is not composed of
every desires you have in your life..
You failed a lot of times, you\'ve been
hurt, and been cut your heart into
But failures often caused by the things
that you are not used to be.
Sometimes everythings happen because it\'s meant to be happend,
You are not there because you are not
supposed to be there,
You can\'t have it because it is not
belong to you..
You exist in this world that your life is already arreanged, you only just need
to find your way to figure it out.
To know yourself of who you are, to
know the real you, your purpose and
reasons of your existence..
Don\'t be desperate when life runs not
according to your will, plan and desire.
Never loses hope in every darkness of
your life because at the end of the road
you will see the light.
You just have to enjoy in every steps of your life whether it is stormy or rough,
because in every journey there is
always a destination.
Life has no mistakes but only lessons,
And you are made not by mistakes but
for a very especial purpose..
You have to believe that God created
you because you have an important
role to this world, and you must have
faith for that belief.
Don\'t give up, even your life is in the
edge, even your life is in the core of the
because God is inside your heart,
whispering you and guiding you
to find the door that is belong to you...
~ Janet

04 09 13 - 06:34:43


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Destiny... : Recent Comments

- kumarkumar

nice blog lolz... keep ur destiny high.. always

19 12 14-19:28:07

- Oasis

hey simply best .I like ur blog

14 12 13-00:31:30

- charmingguy

Nice blog gives motivation to all..but some ppl say, Destiny is just an choice to cover failure.I found blog is too good

04 11 13-15:02:20

- Trish_

(bravo)nice blog n very interesting.I hope ppl change their mindset n think positively

05 10 13-19:55:47

- blasee

its very rare nd only few know nd understand this did u get all this ...

12 09 13-02:26:46

- leedson

Hi athene your blog is very gooood....:)

06 09 13-15:43:26


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