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Hi, Welcome to Abhishek99 s profile. Having User Id no. 63119 I enjoy the status of Superman here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 9 years, 5 months, 27 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes, 28 seconds. I am 21 years old Male by Gender, and I stay at Kota, Rajasthan. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Libra. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Rabbit. I have made about 24 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is (2gunss)EveRY 1 is Born in History But Abhi creates The HistoRy (don) Currently I have been Idle for 2 months, 9 days, 40 minutes, 7 seconds



good friends(love2) Loving to my lovely Friends,racing,(mahatma) Truth (racing)


(bottom) Bad friends(kick) liers(cop) abusers, wroNg thIngs (copcar) (bottom)

Bad Habits:

(hehe)I am lazy, There is ultimate peace in death.(tauntin) (taunting)

Good Habits:

Helping friends(love2) and my white Blue-eyEd Rabbit. Helping my mother in household work i love them (love2)


cricket(india3) badminton,(racer) Racing(racing) socCer, chess, ludo, farmcraft (lol6)


(music2) the best thIng is to aChieve the HiGhest aBodE of alL LIVING cReatUres
Aie mere watan ke logon(india) Jara aankh me bhad lo paani(sob) Jo shahid huwe hain unki(funeral) Zara yad karo Kurbani

More Info:

(star) There is no dutyhigher than Truth (don)
(mahatma) and
HeHe do u want to know more about me thenVisit thIs topic(clixme) (thanku)
(water_melon) Ye daulat(khazana) bhi le lo ye shohrat bhi le lo Bhale chhin mujhse meri jawani (singer)
Magar mujhko lota de bachpan ka sawan(rain) Woh kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani (boat)
- - -
Aie mere watan ke logon(india) Jara aankh me bhad lo paani(sob) Jo shahid huwe hain unki(funeral) Zara yad karo kurbani

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Abhishek99 Guestbook Entries(2)
Pi-RAtE Hi bro !! Wishing you a Many More Happy return of the day ! (: Well Really sorry that I came so late to wish you Today!
Some Special Words for you as a Well Wisher Wishing from another Planet ;)
Let your Evry day gets shine Brighter
And your future plans be always aiming higher
Past hurdles be an approaching steps
Like an Inspiration towards your Furnishing. achievements
Stay Calm and Always Dream your Day
The Trust and Belief in yourself will have the Plenty of Words to Say :XD
Happy Birthday bro ! May all your wishes comes true (birthdayo) Take Care of your health and Stay blessed with a Happier Smile forever ... \'\' The Little Master blaster\'\'\' (pat)
!! .. Signing Off.. !!


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